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Google Sheets FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What exactly is Google Sheets and what is it used for?

Google Sheets is a free online spreadsheet tool from Google. If you're familiar with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets does a lot of the same things, except that it's free and cloud-based, so you can access your spreadsheets anywhere, anytime you have the internet. Creating, editing, sharing and collaborating with others on spreadsheets is extremely easy with Google Sheets, and it's a powerful spreadsheet tool where even advanced data analysis is possible.

Is taking an entire online course on Google Sheets worth it?

Yes, full courses on Google Sheets are worth it for several reasons. First, even if you're familiar with spreadsheets, Sheets is different from other spreadsheet tools in several small ways – you could easily end up confused without a quick primer. Second, you can quickly skip over any sections you're already familiar with – but otherwise, learning to manipulate data, sheets and graphs systematically is the best way to master it.

How will learning Google Sheets improve my job?

Whether you're already very experienced or you're brand new to spreadsheets, learning to master a tool as powerful and versatile as Google Sheets can make you much more efficient whenever you have to use data. Throughout the training, you'll encounter new and interesting ways to use Sheets so that you can take existing processes in your own workplace and systematize and simplify them with good record keeping and spreadsheets.

Can't I learn Google Sheets on my own?

You can definitely learn to use Google Sheets on your own, but you'd risk missing out on some of the best productivity tips and its hidden shortcuts. This course is designed to take someone with no experience and turn them into a spreadsheet whiz. You could pick up pieces on your own, but having it all together in one, easy-to-consume package makes mastering Sheets quick and effortless.

Is this Google Sheets training associated with any certifications?

This course on Google Sheets doesn't apply to any one certification (since Google doesn't offer a Google Sheets certification), but what you'll learn about navigating the Google cloud and managing data analysis can help you with some of Google's certs. The Cloud Digital Leader certification covers Google Cloud core products and services as well as data transformation, and having a strong mastery of Google Sheets can help you in part with it.
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