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    Network Admin | Network Engineer

    Because networking jobs encompass so many tasks, CBT Nuggets networking training covers a vast amount of networking skills. Training for network admins covers networking basics like configurations and protocols and advances onto network security and architecture. Networking courses map to popular network certifications from Juniper, Cisco, F5, CompTIA, and more.




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    Systems Admin | Systems Engineer

    Systems administration covers everything (big and small) that keeps devices and computer systems running smoothly, so staying on top of the latest sysadmin training is a must. CBT Nuggets sysadmin training covers a range of skills, from basic sysadmin tasks like installation updates onto more advanced tools needed for systems architecture. Dive into Linux, VMware, and software skills related to Microsoft, Citrix, and more.




    Microsoft Windows Server


    Microsoft 365

    Microsoft System Center




    Microsoft Windows 10

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    DevOps | Cloud Technologies

    DevOps is a particular way of combining software development and IT operations. These DevOps courses teach the skills to help make software delivery more efficient. Learn DevOps best practices and gain an understanding of cloud automation tools like Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, and more.



    Google Cloud




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    Cyber and Network Security

    Strong network security skills are required to protect devices and networks from attackers. Learn cybersecurity with training that covers entry-level security skills like how to secure networks, or land a more advanced cybersecurity job by learning Palo Alto firewalls or skills for special certifications like ISACA and (ISC)2.

    Palo Alto

    Cyber Security


    Check Point


    Digital Forensics



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    Database Administration & Development

    Database administration is what makes storing, organizing, managing and analyzing data possible. Learning database administration almost always starts with the SQL programming language. After that, it's often down to applying SQL skills in a specific database environment, like Microsoft or Oracle. These data admin courses can be used to prepare for your first DBA job, or to learn specific data skills as an analyst.



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    End User Productivity

    The best end user training is how regular users of apps and software become power users. Learn tricks for using Microsoft Word, or uncover hidden shortcuts in Excel to make your life easier. Microsoft Office training and tutorials for Teams or Salesforce can help you make sense out of your technology.

    Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Teams


    Google Workspace

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    Management | Soft Skills

    Whether you’re searching for your first job or ready to move into management, soft skills training can help you learn to communicate clearly, deal with other people, and resolve conflicts. Like technical skills, soft skills can be learned, practiced, and perfected. These professionalism courses show that soft skills aren't secrets or something you're born with.


    Google Workspace

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    Programming | Software Development

    Programming and software development can be hard to break into if you don't know where to start, since they combine language proficiency and coding experience. The best software development courses cover the basics of programming and problem solving, or emphasize deep familiarity with languages like JavaScript, Angular, and Python. A career in web development, back-end development, or app development starts with strong training, and can even go as far as software engineering.


    Programming and Development




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    Project Management

    Great project managers use a well-defined process of organizing, planning, and carrying out projects. Project management training covers both the terminology and the specific steps used by Project Management Institute (PMI) and others. Learn project management concepts and skills needed to earn the CAPM or PMP or master general skills related to balancing budgets, timeframes, and stakeholders.

    Project Management


  • data analytics

    Data Analytics

    Build your data analytics knowledge with training to help you become a certified data analysis pro. Fine-tune your business intelligence skills using tools like BigQuery or Tableau, or improve how you use spreadsheets and master data manipulation with data analysis training.

    Data Analysis


New to IT

Cover the fundamentals of IT with beginner courses that can help you land your first IT job. Entry-level IT training teaches foundational skills and concepts like device and software basics. Once you’ve mastered key terms and concepts, it’s time to move onto beginner IT certifications from CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft.

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