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JNCIA-Junos (JN0-102) Online Training


Anthony Sequeira


JNCIA-Junos (JN0-102) Online Training

In this entry-level Juniper Junos training, Anthony Sequeira prepares network engineers to take the JN0-102 exam, which is the one required exam to earn the JNCIA-JUNOS certification.

Juniper engineers often start with the JNCIA-Junos certification because it covers the basics of the Juniper operating system. With this JUNOS training, you'll be ready to pursue several Juniper certification tracks, including service provider, enterprise routing and switching, data center, and automation and DevOps.

For anyone who manages Juniper training, this Junos training can be used for Junos exam prep, on-boarding new network administrators or engineers, or as a foundational part of a team training plan.

JN0-102: What You Need to Know

For any network engineer using this training for exam preparation, our JNCIA-Junos course maps to the Juniper JN0-102 exams objectives, and covers topics including:

  • Networking concepts: OSI, Layer 2 addressing, IPv4 subnetting, ethernet, optical, decimal vs. binary
  • Juniper Devices: portfolio, architecture, CLI mode, configuration management, restoring factory defaults
  • Juniper Device Interfaces: configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, port management
  • Routing: fundamentals, policy, firewalls, common protocols, commands, troubleshooting
  • Event management: logging and tracing, notifications, threshold configuration
  • Juniper User Management: account creation, access control, password management
  • Junos J-Web navigation and use

Who Should Take JN0-102 Training?

This Junos training is considered associate-level Juniper training, which means it was designed for network engineers. This JN0-102 course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with Junos and experienced network engineers looking to validate their Juniper skills.

New or aspiring network engineers. At the heart of Juniper network equipment is the Junos software. It serves as an operating system and includes functional software elements for a variety of applications. JNCIA-JUNOS will give the new IT professional a broad overview of the platform, and it can serve as an entryway into Juniper-related jobs.

Experienced network engineers. Juniper networks may still be using Junos software, but it won’t be exactly the same as it was five years ago. Along with security updates, telecom vendors continue to add functions as new technologies are rolled out. An experienced Juniper engineer can’t rely on training from years back to advance their career. JNCIA-JUNOS training will prepare the veteran Juniper professional for recertification and will refresh your understanding of the platform.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Juniper JNCIA-Junos (JN0-102)

    Entry4 hrs 55 mins24 videos
  • JN0-102 Learning Resources

    Our JNCIA-JUNOS training includes videos and a complete Kaplan IT JN0-102 practice test.

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