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Citrix CCA-N NetScaler 10.5 (1Y0-253) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Citrix application delivery controller training?

You'll learn how to manage and configure the Citrix product called NetScaler, a product that Citrix has since renamed Citrix ADC. The name might have changed, but what you'll learn to do with this course is unchanged: optimize end-user performance and the flow of data between network nodes in enterprise environments with Citrix technologies.

Who should take this application delivery controller configuration course?

Anyone who needs to better understand application delivery controllers generally or the way that Citrix networks use application delivery controllers specifically should take this course. That can be experienced network engineers who are suddenly working on a Citrix network for the first time ever, or brand new network admins who want to land a good job.

Is this training in Citrix NetScaler associated with any certifications?

When this course was originally written, it was associated with a Citrix certification, but that certification was retired around the same time that Citrix rebranded NetScaler. The information on the course still remains valid for anyone working with older versions of NetScaler, as well as anyone who needs a general understanding of Citrix ADCs.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Citrix application delivery controller configuration?

If this course on application delivery controller configuration and management applies to your job, you might consider the CCA-AppDS – or the Citrix Certified Associate in App Delivery and Security. You can choose which of the two exams you take to earn your CCA-AppDS, one is about managing ADC with Traffic Management and the other with Citrix Gateway.

Why should you take this Citrix NetScaler/ADC training?

You should take this course in how to configure Citrix NetScaler if you need to understand that piece of technology specifically. Citrix rebranded NetScaler as Citrix ADC, and CBT Nuggets offers courses for it, but if your company still uses the older NetScaler, this training is how you can learn to master it.
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