(ISC)2 certifications are the pinnacle of security certifications.

(ISC)2 certifications are some of the most prestigious security certifications in the IT industry. But they’re not easy to earn. CBT Nuggets has you covered with the best CISSP training videos.

What are (ISC)2 certifications?

(ISC)2 certifications are the premier cybersecurity certifications in the IT industry. As businesses move toward a security-first mindset, these certifications are becoming more coveted. Passing an (ISC)2 exam can open new doors for IT pros. But they will need additional (ISC)2 training to pass those exams.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

How much does an (ISC)2 exam cost?

The price of (ISC)2 certifications varies depending on which (ISC)2 exam is taken and where it’s taken. The (ISC)2 exam pricing schedule can be found on the (ISC)2 website. Generally, the CISSP will cost $749 for US test-takers. But other exams only cost $599.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

(ISC)2 Certifications for Security Managers

The cyber threat landscape constantly changes. Security managers should continually educate themselves on cybersecurity current technologies and practices. Using CISSP training videos to study for the (ISC)2 exam is a great way to keep infosec knowledge relevant. These CISSP videos also teach security managers how to better manage security operations.

(ISC)2 Certifications for Security Engineers

Security engineers are front-line warriors defending against cybersecurity threats. By studying with CISSP videos and passing the (ISC)2 exam, security engineers can validate their readiness to take on such threats. These CISSP training videos are designed to build on existing IT knowledge to make learning (ISC)2 material more accessible.

(ISC)2 Training from CBT Nuggets

Though (ISC)2 training with CBT Nuggets is easy to use, (ISC)2 certifications aren’t easy to pass. Despite these exams requiring years of verifiable experience in the IT industry, many IT pros still need additional help with (ISC)2 training. CBT Nuggets provides numerous training courses to help IT pros pass (ISC)2 exams. Here’s all the (ISC)2 training from CBT Nuggets.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

(ISC)2 Certifications from CBT Nuggets

(ISC)2 certifications are built on verified knowledge. That means that IT pros hoping to earn the CISSP can study with CISSP videos focused on that specific knowledge set — and other training materials that build knowledge leading to the CISSP. CBT Nuggets has you covered with the training you need.

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