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Salesforce Lightning Interface Online Training


Jamie Grettum


Salesforce Lightning Interface Online Training

In this intermediate Salesforce skills training, Jamie Grettum covers how to use the exciting features offered in the Lightning edition of Salesforce.

The beginning of the end of Salesforce Classic has already happened, which means Salesforce Lightning will be the default interface for Salesforce soon. This move from Classic to Lightning has caused concern among both users and administrators. For users, they need to learn a whole new interface. For administrators, they not only have to support a whole new Salesforce but also need to train users on the new interface.

This Salesforce Lightning training was designed as user training to help take the weight off Salesforce administrators. After completing this Salesforce Lightning Interface training, your users will know how to navigate and personalize Salesforce Lightning and perform common and essential tasks, such as interacting with the navigation bar, creating and managing accounts, working with leads and opportunities, and much more.

For anyone who manages their Salesforce training, this Salesforce training can be used to onboard new employees, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Salesforce reference resource.

Salesforce Lightning Interface: What You Need to Know

This Salesforce Lightning Interface training has videos that cover topics including:

  • Personalizing Salesforce Lightning
  • Transitioning to Salesforce Lightning
  • Configuring core Lightning features
  • Using Lightning Search
  • Mastering the many different views: Custom Lists, Kanban and more
  • Relating contacts to multiple accounts
  • Navigating tasks and working with the calendar in Lightning
  • Understanding the Salesforce mobile app

Who Should Take Salesforce Lightning Interface Training?

This Salesforce Lightning Interface training is considered administrator-level Salesforce training, which means it was designed for Salesforce administrators. This Lightning interface skills course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with CRM infrastructure and experienced Salesforce administrators looking to validate their Salesforce skills.

New or aspiring Salesforce administrators. If you’re new to administering Salesforce and your company doesn’t use Salesforce Lightning Experience, with this training you can make a compelling argument on how to get away from the out-dated user interface Salesforce was saddled with for so long. If your company does use Salesforce Lightning, this training will make you a master in managing and configuring the user experience and interface of Salesforce for your company.

Experienced Salesforce administrators. If you’re a Salesforce administrator with a few years of experience, you’re probably familiar with the old, ugly user interface Salesforce used for so long. Not anymore with Lightning Experience! If you get this training, you’ll learn how you can not only re-skin the interface, but personalize many aspects of the entire user experience for you and your entire company.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Transition to Salesforce Lightning for Business Users

    Intermediate1 hr 46 mins19 videos
  • Salesforce Lightning for Business Users

    Entry1 hr 29 mins12 videos
  • Navigate and Personalize Salesforce Lightning

    Entry1 hr 1 min12 videos
  • Configure Core Lightning Features

    Entry1 hr 3 mins8 videos
  • Configure Path in Salesforce Lightning

    Intermediate 39 mins6 videos
  • Manage Actions in Salesforce Lightning

    Entry 40 mins6 videos
  • Salesforce Lightning Manage and Troubleshoot Email Features

    Entry 35 mins5 videos
  • Salesforce Lightning Interface Learning Resources

    This Salesforce training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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    In this video, Jamie Grettum covers making the transition to Salesforce Lightning from the classic business instance. Specifically designed for critical sales and marketing roles, this video introduces Jamie's entire series for moving over to Lightning, which can seem intimidating.