The Role of Risk Management

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ISACA CISM – Certified Information Security Manager FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Certified Information Security Manager training?

You'll learn everything you need to prove that you're ready to assume the responsibilities of managing an enterprise network's cybersecurity program. This thorough course prepares you for the CISM exam from ISACA and covers managerial expertise in security governance, program development, risk management and handling incidents that do occur.

Who should take this Certified Information Security Manager course?

Anyone who wants to advance their career from an IT tech or security technician position into a managerial role or senior engineer in the cybersecurity field should consider this Certified Information Security Manager course. Take this course, earn the CISM from ISACA and prepare yourself for enterprise security management roles.

Is this Certified Information Security Manager training associated with any certifications?

Yes, this course was specifically tailored to the learning objectives of ISACA's Certified Information Security Manager certification. ISACA is one of the IT industry's most respected certifying bodies for cybersecurity professionals and the CISM is a certification earned by some of the best-trained, most capable security managers.

What certification should you consider after taking this Certified Information Security Manager course?

You don't have to attempt the Certified Information Security Manager exam after taking this course, but if you don't, you'd be missing a valuable opportunity. What you'll learn from this course is valuable for anyone in a managerial position in an enterprise network, but it's especially good for cert prep.

Why should you take this Certified Information Security Manager training?

You should take this Certified Information Security Manager training if you have any interest in earning ISACA's premier certification in information security governance, program development and incident response. You'll learn what the best enterprise cybersecurity program managers know how to do, which can advance your career into exciting positions.
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