The best Azure training to help you level up your cloud-computing game.

Learning new Azure skills ensures teams stay on top of their game. Earning Azure certifications can help IT pros earn more recognition and money — not to mention keep their cloud-based networks safer and more secure. Ready to learn new skills with Azure?

These are the best Microsoft Azure training courses to take this year.

Microsoft Azure Basics for Beginners

To learn Azure, you’ll need to learn Azure basics first. Azure has a variety of products available and every product is built upon cloud computing fundamentals. These Azure certification and skills courses are the best places to start learning Azure today.

Microsoft Azure Certifications for Beginners

Microsoft makes it very clear which Azure certifications you should earn first. Learn Azure with one of these entry-level Azure training courses — and validate that knowledge with an Azure certification.

Microsoft Azure Courses for Beginners

Even if you don’t plan to earn a Microsoft certification, you can learn Azure by following Azure certification training. Use these Azure basics courses to learn Azure basics like billing, storage, and other services.

Azure Training for Administrators

Workloads are moving to the cloud and that means sysadmins need to learn Azure. The MCSE and MCSA were replaced by role-based Azure certifications, which means you’ll need to recertify or even learn a new skill with the cloud.

Azure Security Training for Security

Azure has a whole suite of advanced security tools, but you need to know how to use them. From Key Vault to Defender for the Cloud. Learn Azure security with these Azure certification and skills courses.

How to Learn Azure for the Job: SecOps

SecOps can be a complicated profession — particularly when it comes to cloud security. These Azure courses can walk SecOps engineers through how to store and secure data in Azure and even implement ML into security protocols.

Best Azure Training for IT Professionals

Let’s be honest. Azure isn’t something you can learn easily by poking around. These Azure courses will walk you through each Azure service, how they work, and how to use them with other Azure products.

Azure Training for Network Engineers

Network engineers will need to use Azure training courses to understand how to make various Azure services interoperate with each other and on-premise services.

Azure Training for Technical Analysts

Technical analysts are the general practitioners of the IT world. They know a little bit about a lot of things. For tech analysts, learning Azure fundamentals through an Azure training course is the fastest way to get up to speed for when you need to dive into Azure.

Azure Fundamentals for Help Desk Technicians

For help desk techs, These Azure courses are designed to teach Azure fundamentals, the building blocks of a career in the cloud.

Azure Training for Database Admins

Databases aren’t kept on-premises anymore. They are held in the cloud in blobs, blocks, and objects. With the right Azure training, DBAs can manage a lot of aspects of their databases without additional overhead.

Best Azure Courses for Data Science

Among the hundreds of Azure services are many dedicated to data processing workloads and storage. These courses will help data analysts and scientists learn Azure for machine learning, AI, and data manipulation.

Azure Training for Data Scientists

Data scientists have complicated jobs that become easier by learning Azure. Before jumping into Azure data lakes, data scientists should use this Azure training to understand how to use the full scope of Azure resources for data science.

Best Azure Courses for Developers

Azure was built for developers. These Azure courses were built for Azure developers to learn Azure — and even get certified.

Azure Courses for Azure App Developers

Azure offers Azure developer certifications because it’s one of the easiest ways for developers to learn Azure. Whether or not you take the exam, these courses will help you get started learning and using Azure.

Azure Courses for QA Engineers

A good QA engineer will automate as much of their job as possible. These Azure training courses can teach QA testers how to integrate Azure into their testing pipeline and earn Azure certifications in the process, too.

All Azure Training from CBT Nuggets

Azure certifications are essential for anyone who works in a Microsoft environment, but so are the Azure skills not validated with an exam. Azure training from CBT Nuggets covers both Azure certifications and skills. Azure certification courses are mapped to the most popular Azure certifications. Azure skills are designed for you to use side-by-side with Azure services to learn the platform. Here’s all the Azure training from CBT Nuggets.

Azure Certification Training from CBT Nuggets

Azure certification courses are mapped to the most popular Azure certifications from Microsoft. From fundamental cloud concepts to advanced Azure certifications, CBT Nuggets can help you pass your next Azure exam.

Azure Skill Courses from CBT Nuggets

Follow along with these Azure courses to learn how to use the most popular Azure service, and learn Azure well enough to migrate to the cloud, manage an Azure ecosystem, and develop new products on the platform.

Azure Architecting Solutions (70-535) Online Training5 hrs 22 mins
Azure CDN and Azure Caching Online Training1 hr 11 mins
Azure Fundamentals for Business Users Online Training8 hrs 5 mins
Azure IaaS Compute Solutions Online Training1 hr 43 mins
MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (70-533) Online Training6 hrs 36 mins
Migrating to Azure Online Training6 hrs 59 mins
Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Optimize Azure Online Training4 hrs 46 mins
Azure PaaS Compute Solutions Online Training2 hrs 2 mins
Azure SQL Essentials Online Training2 hrs 30 mins
Azure Security Online Training13 hrs 8 mins
Developing Azure Solutions Online Training9 hrs 27 mins
Azure Storage Solutions Online Training3 hrs 2 mins
Azure Subscriptions and Resources Online Training3 hrs 20 mins
Connecting Azure to Third-Party Solutions Online Training2 hrs 27 mins
Azure Virtual Machines Online Training3 hrs 55 mins
Create and Configure Azure App Services Online Training2 hrs 34 mins
Develop for Azure Scalability Online Training 33 mins
Develop Azure App Service Web Apps Online Training1 hr 37 mins
Azure Development Online Training9 hrs 27 mins
Develop for Azure Storage Online Training3 hrs 2 mins
Azure Analytics Workloads Fundamentals Online Training1 hr 32 mins
Implementing SQL Server 2016 in Azure Online Training1 hr 50 mins
Implement and Manage Storage in Azure Online Training2 hrs 51 mins
Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-103) Online Training20 hrs 53 mins
Professional DevOps with Azure Online Training5 hrs 37 mins
Non-Relational Data on Azure Online Training1 hr 43 mins
Working with Relational Data on Azure Online Training3 hrs 29 mins

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