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Microsoft has gone all in on the cloud — shifting its focus from operating systems and office productivity software to Azure, its cloud computing service. Like Windows and Office before it, Azure is quickly becoming the preferred cloud solution of enterprise organizations — and that means companies need fully trained Azure administrators and developers.

However, even certifications have changed since Azure took center stage at Microsoft. You won’t see any MCSA: Azure or MCSE: Azure certifications. Instead, Azure certifications were the first to get rolled into a new type of Microsoft certification — role-based certifications. Microsoft role-based training validates the skills associated with a job role rather than a Microsoft product. With role-based certifications, Microsoft acknowledges the disconnect between the knowledge required to earn a certification and the knowledge required to perform a job.

Rather than the typical MCSA, you’ll see Microsoft Certified Associate and Microsoft Certified Expert certifications. These MCSA replacements are designed for a wide range of roles, including Azure users, administrators, architects, and developers.


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