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CompTIA Data+ (DA0-001) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the Data+ (DA0-001) worth it?

Data+ is one of CompTIA's newest certifications, and as an early-career data analysis certification, it's still finding its place in the market. For analysts or data specialists with other credentials or who already have some work experience, it may not be the best way to advance your career. However, for brand-new data analysts who are struggling to get their foot in the door, it's inexpensive and worth it for demonstrating a baseline familiarity with broad data analysis concepts and skills.

How much does the DA0-001 (Data+) cost?

CompTIA's Data+ costs $246. The cost of the cert comes from its only exam, the DA0-001. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about any prerequisite courses or certifications before you can attempt the DA0-001 exam. You only get one chance at the vendor-neutral data analysis test, though, so you may want to add the cost of preparatory materials or courses to that $246.

Is the CompTIA Data+ exam DA0-001 difficult?

The DA0-001 exam for Data+ isn't an especially hard exam, but it is a long one. With as many as 90 questions to answer in 90 minutes, a significant part of the test's difficulty is simply completing it on time. You can look forward to questions about using, navigating and integrating databases, making judgment calls about analytical tools, as well as performance-based questions related to statistics and data visualization throughout the DA0-001 exam.

Does the Data+ from CompTIA expire?

Yes, from the date that you earn it, the Data+ credential is good for three years. During those three years, you have a number of options to renew it. Earning a non-CompTIA industry cert like CCNP Data Center Design or Microsoft's Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate will renew your Data+, as will attending qualifying webinars or conferences, completing college courses, or participating in online CompTIA training, among other activities.

How to study for the Data+?

The Data+ is still a relatively new certification, and like any new industry credential, there are rough spots to iron out. It's also a vendor-neutral certification, which means the content isn't tied to one particular software manufacturer. Because of those two things, the best way to prepare for the Data+ is with an online course that was specifically designed for it. Relying solely on personal experience or know-how runs the risk that you're not familiar with what CompTIA plans to test you for.
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