Juniper training for the real world

CBT Nuggets offers Juniper training that’ll help you build real-world networking skills. If you’d like to validate your skills, you can use each Juniper course to prepare for certification.

Online Juniper Training for Beginners

Juniper was built for automation. To learn Juniper, you’ll need to learn networking and scripting. Next, you’ll need to learn how Juniper networks work. These Juniper courses will teach you both.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Juniper Certifications for Beginners

Everyone who starts networking with Juniper should start with Junos training. Junos is a robust operating system with one goal: automating every aspect of network operations. This entry-level Juniper training prepares you to take the first Juniper certification — and the Junos operating system.

Juniper Skills for Beginners

If you’re just getting started as a Juniper network admin, Juniper training is a must. This Juniper training covers the fundamentals of networking and the Junos operating system.

Online Juniper training for Network Professionals

Network technologies change fast — and so do network certifications. Juniper training keeps your skills up-to-date and your networks running smoothly. You can learn Juniper right here at CBT Nuggets. Our Juniper training videos cover everything from the Junos OS to more advanced Juniper topics.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Juniper Training for Network Admin Certification

It can be hard to fit Juniper training into your schedule. But each Juniper course at CBT Nuggets is composed of short, informative on-demand videos. So you can learn Juniper whenever works best for you.

Juniper Training for NOC Analyst Certification

Because NOC specialists manage and monitor multiple networks — some of them being very large computer networks — there’s a lot of necessary training. And that training should include Juniper training. To learn Juniper, you can use a CBT Nuggets Juniper course that’s been created with NOC analysts and engineers in mind.

Juniper Training for Network Engineer Certification

Juniper Networks training courses are highly recommended for IT professionals who want to earn certifications. Because of the complexity of enterprise-grade networks, Juniper training is a must. Using Juniper training videos, learn how to manage networks of any size. The best part is you can learn at your own pace.

Juniper Skills Training for Network Professionals

For IT pros who want to better understand how Juniper networks work, Juniper training is the best course of action. CBT Nuggets offers a variety of Juniper courses that cover the intricacies of how Juniper-based networks operate and how you can best manage them.

Online Juniper Training for Data Center Engineers

Data center engineers work with a number of different products and vendors throughout their careers. So it makes sense for data center professionals to learn Juniper. Taking Juniper courses help you develop the skills needed to work with Juniper technology. You’ll find Juniper training videos you need at CBT Nuggets.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Juniper Training for Data Center Engineer Certification

Juniper Networks training courses at CBT Nuggets were built to help you become certified and gain the skills you need as a data center engineer. Whether you want to learn Juniper enterprise routing and switching or more advanced topics like VXLAN and EVPN, CBT Nuggets has the training you need.

Juniper Skills Training for Data Center Engineers

CBT Nuggets Juniper training videos will help you learn data center topics at your leisure. But training at CBT Nuggets isn’t just easy and flexible. It’s also built by industry experts, meaning these Juniper training videos will help you elevate your skill set.

Learn Juniper Service Provider Routing and Switching

Juniper training courses teach service providers how to manage and operate Juniper networking devices. Whether you’ve never worked as a service provider or you’re a seasoned professional, CBT Nuggets has Juniper Networks training courses for you. This Juniper training can be used for certification preparation or to develop service provider skills.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Juniper Training for Service Provider Routing and Switching Certification

Enterprise networks are crucial to business processes. If you want to be entrusted with managing enterprise networks, become a certified routing and switching service provider. By using CBT Nuggets to learn Juniper service provider routing and switching, you’ll have access to advanced Juniper training that’s available whenever you need it.

Learn Juniper Service Provider Skills

Each Juniper course at CBT Nuggets not only can help you get certified but build real-world networking skills. These Juniper training videos focus on specific topics like managing VPN configurations or configuring MPLS. So wherever you’re in your training journey, CBT Nuggets has a Juniper course that’s perfect for you.

Who Else Should Consider Juniper training?

CBT Nuggets provides Juniper training suited for professionals with various roles and responsibilities. Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional looking for Juniper firewall training, or you’re a DevOps engineer looking for automation training, CBT Nuggets has Juniper training videos for you.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Juniper Courses for DevOps Engineers

With the demand for DevSecOps professionals on the rise, IT professionals are required to expand their skill set and toolchain to meet the needs of their organizations. By using CBT Nuggets Juniper training, you’ll learn about automation and programmability. You’ll also cover security topics within the Juniper firewall training.

Juniper Courses for Support Engineers

Support engineers and technicians require a broad skill set. By using Juniper training videos, they can gain the technical skills they need to excel on the job. Each Juniper course at CBT Nuggets will help you develop knowledge and skills in a technical area.

All Juniper Training from CBT Nuggets

Regardless of why you need to learn Juniper, CBT Nuggets can help you out by providing on-demand video training that you can use whenever you need. Whether you’re a network admin, data center engineer, or security professional, CBT Nuggets has a Juniper course for you. Here’s all the Juniper training from CBT Nuggets.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Juniper Certification Training from CBT Nuggets

The ability to say that you completed Juniper course material and earned a Juniper certification could be the difference maker when trying to land your next job or promotion. If you want to elevate your career, use Juniper training videos to learn how to best manage and operate enterprise networks.

Juniper Skill Courses from CBT Nuggets

While certifications are beneficial, not every IT professional wants to pursue them. And that’s okay. IT professionals can use Juniper Networks training courses to develop various skills whenever they want. For example, cybersecurity professionals can use Juniper firewall training, or networking professionals can use Juniper routing fundamentals training.

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