CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-004) Online Training

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CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-004) Online Training

In this intermediate Linux skills training, Shawn Powers prepares you for the XK0-004 exam, the one exam you need to pass to earn the CompTIA Linux+ certification.

CompTIA Linux+: What You Need to Know

This CompTIA Linux+ training covers these skills:

Who Should Take CompTIA Linux+ Training?

This training is considered administrator-level Linux training, which means it was designed for systems administrators. This course is designed for systems administrators with three to five years of experience with open-source platforms.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Explain Linux Kernel and Boot Concepts

43 mins8 videos

Configure and Verify Network Connections

35 mins7 videos

Manage Storage in a Linux Environment

1 hr 10 videos

Compare and Contrast Virtualization Concepts

32 mins6 videos

Configure Localization Options

12 mins2 videos

Install, Update, and Configure Software

20 mins6 videos

Manage Users and Groups

29 mins6 videos

Create, Modify, and Redirect Files

49 mins10 videos

Manage Local Services

19 mins5 videos

Summarize and Explain Server Roles

39 mins8 videos

Automate and Schedule Jobs

16 mins3 videos

Explain and Use Linux Devices

19 mins4 videos

Compare and Contrast Linux Graphical Interfaces

20 mins4 videos

Work with Linux Permissions and Ownership

Intermediate 49 mins9 videos

Implement Authentication Methods with Linux

Intermediate 33 mins6 videos

Linux Security Best Practices

Intermediate1 hr 11 mins11 videos

Implement Linux Logging and Backup

Intermediate 52 mins8 videos

Implement Linux Firewalls

Intermediate 45 mins7 videos

Monitor and Configure Linux Storage

Entry 33 mins5 videos

Analyze and Repair Network Problems

Entry 38 mins5 videos

Identify and Solve CPU and Memory-Related Problems in Linux

Entry 33 mins6 videos

Analyze and Optimize System Processes

Entry 35 mins6 videos

Troubleshooting Linux User Issues

Intermediate 34 mins5 videos

Analyze and Troubleshoot Applications and Packaging

Intermediate 26 mins5 videos

Deploy and Execute Basic BASH Scripts

Intermediate 57 mins10 videos

Carry Out Version Control Using Git

Intermediate 52 mins9 videos

Understand Orchestration Processes and Concepts

Intermediate 19 mins5 videos
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