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Architecting Google Cloud Solutions FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is learning how to architect Google cloud solutions worth it?

Google's cloud platform has tools and services that can plan, design, manage and secure a cloud infrastructure and knowing how to use them isn't worth it for everyone. But if you're a cloud administrator and your company uses Google technologies, this course is definitely worth it. Master the tools and services your organization is already using, or learn to use the ones that no one has looked into yet and be the person who delivers brand new network capabilities.

How much do the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certifications cost?

This course helps prepare you in part for the Professional Cloud Architect certification, which is one of Google's nine professional-tier certifications – each of which costs $200. The associate-level Associate Cloud Engineer costs $125, and the entry-level Cloud Digital Leader costs $99. The Professional Cloud Architect has one exam with 50-60 questions about planning cloud solution architectures and ensuring cloud reliability.

Are Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certifications easier than AWS certifications?

Google Cloud Platform and AWS both have a lot of certifications, and it's not really possible to compare them all to one another. However, it seems like generally speaking there isn't a huge difference in difficulty between GCP and AWS certifications. Google Cloud and AWS are obviously similar in that they are cloud service providers, but the substantial differences between them make learning about either one quite hard for anyone without extensive experience using it.

Who should take this course on architecting Google Cloud solutions?

Anyone who plans on earning the Cloud Engineer (GCE) or Cloud Architect (GCA) certifications should take this course. But maybe you're not trying to earn a cert and just need to familiarize yourself with all of the Google Cloud technologies. Taking this course will show you how to design, develop and manage scalable and available cloud-based solutions, so you should take it if your job does (or could) involve that responsibility.

What's the best way to study how to architect Google Cloud solutions?

A video-based course like this one that includes opportunities to practice what you're learning is the best way to learn Google Cloud tools and services. It's not enough to read about or hear about all the ways Google Cloud works – you need to get your hands dirty with actually designing and planning cloud architectures. If you have an environment where it doesn't matter if you screw something up, you'll learn a lot faster and better.
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