Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) Online Training

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  • Chuck Keith

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Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) Online Training
Microsoft updated the exam associated with this course on March 26, 2021. This course will be updated to reflect the recent changes.

AZ-104: What You Need to Know

This Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate training covers AZ-104 Azure exam objectives, including these topics:

Who Should Take AZ-104 Training?

This Azure Administrator training is considered professional-level Microsoft training, which means it was designed for Azure administrators. This Azure skills course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with Azure services and experienced Azure administrators looking to validate their Microsoft skills.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Manage Azure Active Directory Objects

Intermediate 30 mins9 videos

Secure Identities with Azure

Intermediate1 hr 22 mins16 videos

Manage Resource Groups with Azure

Intermediate 42 mins5 videos

Manage Azure Subscriptions

Intermediate 59 mins8 videos

Create and Configure Storage Accounts in Azure

Intermediate1 hr 30 mins16 videos

Import and Export Data to Azure

Entry 34 mins5 videos

Evaluate and Perform Server Migration with Azure

Intermediate1 hr 32 mins16 videos

Configure Azure Files

Entry 43 mins7 videos

Create and Configure a VM for Windows and Linux

Intermediate1 hr 17 mins11 videos

Automate Virtual Machine Deployment

Intermediate 56 mins9 videos

Manage Azure Virtual Machines

Intermediate1 hr 10 mins10 videos

Manage Virtual Machine Backups

Intermediate 30 mins5 videos

Azure Container Services

Intermediate 27 mins5 videos

Azure App Services

Intermediate2 hrs 34 mins24 videos

Implement and Manage Virtual Networking

Intermediate 57 mins8 videos

Create Connectivity Between Virtual Networks

Intermediate 32 mins5 videos

Name Resolution Configuration with Azure

Intermediate 29 mins8 videos

Secure Azure Virtual Networks

Intermediate 35 mins7 videos

Advanced Virtual Networking with Azure

Intermediate1 hr 29 mins12 videos

Analyze Resource Utilization and Consumption with Azure

Intermediate1 hr 38 mins17 videos

Implement Azure Backup

Entry 43 mins8 videos