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Google Kubernetes Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Kubernetes container orchestration training?

This is a course about container orchestration. If you and your network rely on containerized applications, whether using on-prem infrastructure or public cloud platforms, this course can help you understand how the Google cloud makes deploying and managing Kubernetes fast and easy. Learn to navigate Kubernetes within the Google cloud with this training.

Who should take this Kubernetes container orchestration course?

IT professionals who deal with DevOps should take this Kubernetes deployment and management course. It doesn't matter if you're relatively new to DevOps, occasionally work with a DevOps administrator, or are a seasoned DevOps engineer, this course will show you how to run Kubernetes in the Google cloud and improve your production timelines.

Is this training in running Kubernetes in the Google cloud associated with any certifications?

No, although Google and others offer some certifications related to the containerization platform, this course isn't designed with any of them in mind. That means the entire course is focused on teaching you practical skills that lead to you being able to use Kubernetes in the Google Cloud the very next day, not regurgitate random facts.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in deploying and managing Kubernetes?

The Linux Foundation hosts the Kubernetes certifications you might want to consider after this course. The right Kubernetes certification for you depends on what you need it for and where you are in your career: the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) can start your journey and the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) can finish it.

Why should you take this Kubernetes container orchestration training?

You should take this Google-focused Kubernetes course because although Google originally developed Kubernetes, they no longer maintain its code base. That means there are many "right" ways to use Kubernetes that don't have anything to do with the Google cloud. This course focuses on deploying and managing Kubernetes in the Google cloud, valuable skills for specialized administrators.
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