Side Channel and Direct-To-Origin Attacks

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Penetration Testing Tools FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this penetration testing tools training?

You'll learn what the best industry tools are for performing penetration tests, how to actually use them, and get plenty of practice in this pentest tools course. Penetration tests are valuable procedures that reveal network weaknesses and security opportunities. With this course, you'll master the tools that make them possible.

Who should take this pentest tools course?

Although any network security professional could benefit from learning how to use the tools that make penetration tests possible, this course is best for experienced security professionals. If your job responsibilities don't already include doing pentests, you might not immediately benefit from a deep dive into pentest tools like this.

Is this training in penetration testing tools associated with any certifications?

Yes, this course was designed with the PenTest+ from CompTIA in mind. You'll learn lots of different pentest tools in this course and how to use them in different network environments and ecosystems. That sort of arrangement is perfect for the PenTest+ because all of CompTIA's certifications are vendor agnostic.

What certification should you consider after taking this course pentest tools?

The PenTest+ from CompTIA is the certification you should be seriously thinking about after you take this course in penetration testing tools. You'll have more prep work to do before attempting the PenTest+, since this course only covers the tools section, but you'll be ready for the pentest tools section.

Why should you take this penetration testing tools training?

You should take this training in using penetration testing tools because although pentests are really cool, they're also just another part of the job. Learn the tools of the penetration testing trade and see just how systematic a pentest can be. Produce reliable results in your pentests with this training.
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