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Azure Security Certification Prep: Securing Data and Applications FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Azure security management training?

This course teaches how to make data and applications available on an Azure cloud deployment without increasing the risk of a breach. Before you can expand your Azure footprint, automate your workflow, or deploy a CI/CD pipeline, you need to make sure your data and apps are secure, as this course teaches.

Who should take this Azure security course?

This is a cloud and network security course but isn't just a security course. So cybersecurity personnel should take this course, but so should DevOps personnel who want to expand what their Azure cloud can do for them. Anyone who needs to improve the usability of Azure while keeping it safe and secure should take this course.

Is this training in securing data and applications in Azure associated with any certifications?

This course addresses three major areas of Azure security management: securing cloud databases, securing data and application data storage, and configuring and managing the Azure Key Vault. Mastering those three areas of Azure cloud security management means this course helps learners prepare for Microsoft certification exams without focusing on any single cert or exam.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in securing apps and data in Azure?

This Azure security course is a puzzle piece that fits into many different job specializations, so it's up to you which certification you pursue after this course. The Azure Security Engineer Associate is a good choice for cybersecurity personnel, while Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert is a good cert for anyone who implements continuous delivery with Azure.

Why should you take this Azure security management training?

You should take this course on Azure security management because it doesn't matter whether you work in DevOps or cybersecurity, knowing how to use the tools that Microsoft baked into Azure to keep your apps and data secure is something that will serve you throughout your entire career.
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