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PenTest+ Online Training

This intermediate CompTIA PenTest+ training prepares learners to take the PT0-001 exam, which is the one required exam to earn the CompTIA PenTest+ Certification certification.

PenTest+: What You Need to Know

This CompTIA PenTest+ Certification training covers PT0-001 penetration testing exam objectives, including these topics:

Who Should Take PenTest+ Training?

This PenTest+ training is considered professional-level CompTIA training, which means it was designed for penetration testers. This penetration testing skills course is designed for penetration testers with three to five years of experience with penetration testing.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Understanding the Need for Scope Planning

Intermediate 35 mins7 videos

Explaining Key Legal Concepts

Intermediate 16 mins5 videos

Properly Scoping an Engagement

Intermediate 33 mins8 videos

Explain Compliance-Based Assessments

Intermediate 16 mins5 videos

Conduct Information Gathering Using Appropriate Techniques

Intermediate 41 mins7 videos

Perform a Vulnerability Scan

Intermediate 21 mins5 videos

Analyze Vulnerability Scan Results

Intermediate 20 mins5 videos

Leverage Information for Exploitation

Intermediate 25 mins6 videos

Explain Weaknesses Inherent to Specialized Systems

Intermediate 21 mins6 videos

Pentesting Reconnaissance

Entry 50 mins7 videos

Pentest Enumeration and NMAP

Entry 53 mins8 videos

Enumerating Services and Vulnerabilities

Entry1 hr 5 mins7 videos

Social Engineering Attacks and Tools

Entry 53 mins7 videos

Exploits and Payloads

Entry 56 mins6 videos

Metasploit Framework

Entry 46 mins7 videos

Network-Based Attacks and Tools

Entry 51 mins8 videos

Host Protocol Attacks and Tools

Entry1 hr 1 min9 videos

Wireless and Mobile Device Attacks and Tools

Entry 50 mins8 videos

Web Application Vulnerabilities

Entry 51 mins7 videos

Web Application Pentesting

Entry 54 mins7 videos

All About Shells

Entry 52 mins6 videos

Windows Localhost Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Tools

Entry 55 mins6 videos

Linux Localhost Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Tools

Entry1 hr 10 mins8 videos

Physical Penetration Testing

Entry 52 mins6 videos

Credential Attacks

Entry 53 mins6 videos

Post Exploit Activities

Entry 49 mins6 videos

Analyze a Basic Script

Intermediate 58 mins7 videos

Pentest Reporting and Communications

Entry 53 mins5 videos
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