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Supporting Secure Operations and Incident Response FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this secure operations and incident response training?

This course is about the skills in cybersecurity management that are one step removed from actually configuring security devices and software by hand. This is a course about creating cybersecurity programs for your organization that specify how to keep your network safe and what to do when an incident occurs.

Who should take this incident response and secure operations support course?

This course provides a degree of altitude and meta-understanding for any cybersecurity professional, so if you support secure operations, you could benefit from this training. But cybersecurity technicians with a few years of experience who want to move into administrative or managerial positions will benefit the most from the course.

Is this training in supporting secure operations and incident response associated with any certifications?

No, this supporting secure operations and incident response training is a short course that isn't focused on helping anyone with any specific exam. This course is more about understanding what goes into creating a security program for a network than it is about answering questions on a cybersecurity certification exam.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in incident response and supporting secure operations?

After you take this course in supporting secure operations and incident response, you might look into certifications related to security administration. The SSCP from ISC2 covers skills in administering IT infrastructure as well as planning an incident response plan. The CompTIA CASP+ is an advanced cert related to cybersecurity architecture.

Why should you take this secure operations support and incident response training?

The skills you'll gain from this supporting secure operations and incident response training elevate your abilities as a security technician. Before this course, you may know how to implement cybersecurity measures on your network, but after you'll know how to plan a security response plan and support a network's operations.
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