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Penetration Testing Planning and Scoping FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is meant by penetration testing planning and scoping?

Planning and scoping are two of the essential steps in doing a penetration test, as they lay out the expectations and parameters of the test. Penetration test planning involves strategizing the approach that will be taken, including defining objectives, determining timelines, and selecting the right methods. Penetration scoping delineates boundaries and depth: what systems, networks and vulnerabilities to test for. Good planning and scoping provides exceptionally valuable insights for networks.

What is the primary purpose of Pentesting?

The primary purpose of penetration testing (pentesting) is to identify vulnerabilities before a bad actor can find and exploit them. Penetration testing is done by simulating a real-world attack, usually without informing the network's cybersecurity team. This helps to assess the effectiveness of the network's security measures as well as their resilience against attacks. Penetration testing planning and scoping is a crucial part of the process, ensuring maximum accuracy and relevance.

Why would a company conduct a penetration test within their environment?

Penetration testing's best attribute is the reason a company would conduct one inside their own environment: they're proactive. Penetration tests reveal weaknesses in a network's security posture early, giving the security team time to address the vulnerability before anything has gone wrong. Like an army defending a castle, penetration tests reveal where the defenders should build higher walls, reinforce gates, and stockpile ammunition, and not find out during a siege.

Who should take this course on planning and scoping penetration tests?

This course covers a specific part of performing penetration tests, the planning and scoping phase. That means it's a good course for cybersecurity professionals who are hoping to get involved with pentests, as well as experienced cybersecurity professionals who want to brush up on that one part of the skill they've already developed. This course helps security analysts, ethical hackers and information security managers define test objectives, scope assessments and select methodologies.

Is this penetration testing planning and scoping course associated with any certifications?

This penetration testing planning and scoping course is primarily a skills-based course focused on giving you simulated experience planning and scoping a pen test. Because what you'll learn applies in multiple settings and is useful no matter what hardware or software combination the target network uses, it is helpful information if you're planning on earning the PenTest+ from CompTIA. Additionally, Security+ will be much easier after taking this course.
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