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Security Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What job or career does this cybersecurity course prepare you for?

This course is useful to anyone who touches a computer, but the career path it's most suited for is cybersecurity analyst. This course stays focused on familiarizing you with the basic ways attackers try and exploit networks and devices, but that understanding is fundamental to a career in cybersecurity. Training like this usually leads to an entry-level cybersecurity analyst position with opportunities to broaden or specialize later on.

What's the difference between a security vulnerability and a security threat?

A security vulnerability is something in a system that could be exploited. You can imagine leaving a window unlocked as a vulnerability, but even a locked window can be a vulnerability. A security threat is the potential harm that could exploit that vulnerability, like a burglar eyeing the window. Both essential concepts, a vulnerability is a weakness and a threat is the risk of something bad happening because of it.

What are the main types of security threats, attacks and vulnerabilities?

There are many different types of threat, attack and vulnerability, but your chances of avoiding, mitigating or resolving them increases just by spending time thinking about how they work. Common cybersecurity threats include phishing emails and malicious websites. Attacks may involve ransomware or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults. Vulnerabilities often stem from unpatched software or weak passwords. These are basic, but the vast majority of cybersecurity failures stem from the simplest missteps.

Is this security threats, attacks and vulnerabilities course associated with any certifications?

Yes, this threats, attacks and vulnerabilities course is closely associated with the CompTIA Security+ certification, although it would also be very helpful for someone pursuing most other cybersecurity certifications. This course doesn't cover everything you'll find on the Security+ exam (SY0-601), but it does cover the section related to threats, attacks and vulnerabilities. Since it spends time only on that material, it's useful for CompTIA students as well as others.

Who should take this course on security threats, attacks and vulnerabilities?

This training is applicable to many different professionals, but it's ideal for anyone planning on earning the Security+ certification from CompTIA. Non-technical professionals in particular can learn concepts and habits that will keep computers and networks safe. After all, most IT professionals know a lot of these habits and are engaged in cybersecurity every day, it's everyone else who needs to be informed or reminded of the fundamentals of cybersecurity.
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