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FortiGate Firewall Authentication FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Fortinet FortiGate firewall training?

This course gives you all the knowledge you'll need to configure firewall authentication on a Fortinet FortiGate device, as well as real-world experience with managing Fortinet devices. You'll learn to configure firewall policies, manage network address translation (NAT) and central NAT, configure different methods of firewall authentication and get practice deploying and configuring FSSO.

Who should take this FortiGate firewall authentication course?

Network security administrators who support a Fortinet network or work with FortiGate devices should definitely take this course. But even security personnel who don't work with Fortinet regularly will benefit from this course. Become a more capable security professional by learning how to apply security configurations and NAT settings in different ecosystems and environments.

Is this training in Fortinet firewall administration associated with any certifications?

Yes, this training in Fortinet FortiGate authentication is designed to help you pass Fortinet's certifications, but particularly the NSE 4, which is specifically related to the day-to-day configuration, monitoring and operation of FortiGate devices. This course isn't exclusively exam-prep though, the practical experience with FortiGate is useful even if you don't plan to earn the NSE 4.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Fortinet FortiGate firewall configuration?

The NSE 4 is Fortinet's certification specifically related to the FortiGate device, and that's the best certification to aim for after finishing this course. Fortinet's certifications are arranged in numerical order, but none of them have prerequisites. That means you can earn the NSE 4 whenever you're ready – you won't need the NSE 1 through NSE 3.

Why should you take this Fortinet firewall authentication and configuration training?

You should take this course on configuring firewall authentication on Fortinet FortiGate devices because Fortinet manufactures some of the best network security devices in the world, but they're also highly particular. Many experienced security professionals draw blanks with Fortinet devices – make sure you're not caught off-guard by Fortinet throughout your career with courses exactly like this.
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