FortiGate and BGP

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FortiGate Firewall Networking Fundamentals FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Fortinet firewall training?

This course teaches how to deploy, manage and configure next-generation firewalls from Fortinet. But you won't just be reading or seeing it done: one of the first steps of this course is setting up a virtualized, simulated environment where you can practice your firewall configurations and get experience doing everything with your own hands.

Who should take this Fortinet FortiGate firewall course?

Network administrators who are starting to suspect that – over the next few years – they'll need to take on more network security responsibilities, and not less, should take this course. Additionally, anyone who works on a Fortinet network and wants to become more versatile by learning network security fundamentals from a network administration perspective should take this course.

Is this training in the fundamentals of networking with the FortiGate firewall associated with any certifications?

This course on administering FortiGate firewalls isn't directly associated with any certifications, but it is a helpful learning aide for anyone attempting a Fortinet certification. You won't spend much time memorizing facts on this course – you'll build a simulated network environment and learn to deploy and optimize FortiGate – which will be helpful for many different certification exams.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in networking fundamentals with FortiGate?

Unlike vendors who organize their certifications according to specializations or families of work, all of Fortinet's certifications are arranged in one category and represent increasing levels of confidence working with Fortinet technology. NSE 4 is the earliest certification to focus on FortiGate configuration, so that might be the right cert to start with after this course.

Why should you take this Fortinet FortiGate firewall training?

You should take this course on deploying Fortinet next-generation firewalls because the IT world is expanding and expectations are becoming more hybrid. In other words, the occasions when networking professionals are expected to take responsibility for things normally done by specialists is going to increase, not decrease, and this course can prepare you for firewall management.
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