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Bob Salmans
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Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning for Penetration Testing FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this penetration testing and vulnerability scanning training?

This pentesting course emphasizes a particularly important part of vulnerability scanning: gathering information about your target system ahead of time. You'll learn what the most important information is to gather before you attempt a vulnerability scan, and also the practical skills of how to go and actually gather it.

Who should take this vulnerability scanning and penetration testing course?

The best audience for this course on pre-vulnerability scanning information gathering is cybersecurity professionals whose job requires them to participate in penetration tests or active cyber defense maintenance and configurations. It's also a great course to take if that's the direction you want to move your career in.

Is this training in vulnerability scanning and penetration testing associated with any certifications?

Not directly, no – this course on the information gathering that precedes a vulnerability scan is focused on practical skills that cybersecurity professionals who perform penetration tests need. But this training covers lots of different tools, technologies and approaches to performing vulnerability tests, so it'll help with many certifying exams.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in vulnerability scanning and penetration testing?

Although there are a few different cybersecurity certifications you could explore after taking this course, the best cert to consider is the PenTest+ from CompTIA. CompTIA has a great track record of high-quality and well-respected IT certifications, and their penetration testing certification is an industry leader.

Why should you take this vulnerability scanning and penetration testing training?

You should take this training because knowing how to do good vulnerability scans is an extremely valuable skill, but it's easier to do bad vulnerability scans than it is to do good ones. Learn the right information to gather beforehand so that your vulnerability scans are useful and accurate.
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