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AWS Access Management FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this AWS access management training?

You'll learn how to set up an efficient way to provide everyone on your AWS network with the level of access they need to do their job without over-exposing network resources or sensitive information. You'll learn to walk the line between excessively restrictive and way too permissive.

Who should take this AWS access management course?

This course is an obvious choice for network and cloud administrators who work with AWS. After this course, you'll know how to apply customized and fine-tuned access restrictions for your users without wasting any of your time or retracing all your steps over and over.

Is this training in AWS access management associated with any certifications?

Yes, this AWS access management training was designed to help learners prepare for a portion of the AWS Certified Security - Specialty certification exam: SCS-C01. SCS-C01 is a long and in-depth certifying exam and this course only covers the access management learning objectives, but it's one step toward passing it.

What certification should you consider after taking this course on AWS access management?

If the AWS access management you learn from this course is relevant to your job and you're looking for a certification to pursue, the AWS Certified Security - Specialty is the most obvious choice. This course won't prepare you for all of it, but you'll have the access management parts mastered.

Why should you take this AWS access management training?

There are two alternatives to learning how to manage user access with built-in AWS tools properly. Either allow everyone on your network to have full access to all network resources (dangerous) or manually configure user accesses one person at a time (a huge waste of time).
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