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ISACA ITCA - Cybersecurity Fundamentals (ITCA-CF) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is ISACA and ITCA?

ISACA is a global professional organization of IT professionals in governance, security and assurance. Now known only as ISACA, it used to stand for Information Systems Audit and Control Association. ITCA is an early-career IT certification that is actually comprised of five standalone certificates in five different fields of IT. This course covers the material tested by the cybersecurity portion of the ITCA certification, including practical skills and theory.

Is the ISACA ITCA Cybersecurity cert worth it?

The ITCA Cybersecurity certification is a good validation of broad, early-career skills and knowledge. Whether it's worth it for you depends on several factors. For IT professionals with little to no prior work experience who need to demonstrate their readiness to work in a setting that includes cybersecurity responsibilities, it's worth it. But if you already have substantial, specialized cybersecurity experience, it may be too junior of a credential.

What are the fundamentals of cybersecurity?

According to the ITCA Cybersecurity certification, these are the four fundamentals of cybersecurity: threat landscape, security operations and response, information security fundamentals, and securing assets. Threat landscape covers all the potential risks your network faces. Security operations are real-time actions and procedures a professional knows how to do. Information security covers principles and practices that protect data from unauthorized access. Securing assets refers to safeguarding valuable resources like data, devices and networks.

What are the five Cs of cybersecurity?

There's no right answer for what the 5 Cs of cybersecurity are. Breaking down topics into mnemonics is a helpful way to teach complex information, but different sources have their own versions. Some people say the 5 Cs of cybersecurity are Change, Continuity, Cost, Compliance and Coverage, which cover providing holistic network security. Alternatives include Confidentiality, Compliance, Control, Cognition and Culture, which cover the necessary components of a network's security.

Who should take this course on ITCA cybersecurity fundamentals?

First of all, anyone who would like to earn the ITCA from ISACA should plan on taking this course. Earning that certification requires passing five separate smaller certifications, including Cybersecurity. But even if you're not planning on earning the ISACA Cybersecurity Fundamentals credential, this is a great course for new IT professionals who want to understand the cybersecurity career field and prepare for jobs related to securing data and networks.
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