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White Hat Hacking v10 Online Training


Keith Barker


White Hat Hacking v10 Online Training

In this entry-level White Hat Hacking training, Keith Barker prepares security professionals to become penetration and vulnerability testers.

Demand for security professionals is at an all-time high — and that’s particularly true for pen testers. With this security training, you'll learn how to scan networks for vulnerabilities, use Kali Linux to (legally) hack into systems, and write reports on how you did it.

Security professionals who take this White Hat Hacking course will have the skills they need to advance into pen tester roles — and get one of the several offensive security certifications.

For anyone who manages security training, this White Hat Hacking training can be used for penetration and vulnerability exam prep, upskilling security professionals, or to create training plans for network or security professionals.

White Hat Hacking v10: What You Need to Know

While this White Hat Hacking training doesn’t map to a certification, it covers these security topics that are valuable to aspiring pen testers and more:

  • Kali Linux VM and its benefits and uses for penetration testing
  • Ethical hacking: vocabulary, concepts, and strategies, as well as attack categories, types, and vectors
  • Hacker’s tools: search engine, website recon, metagoofil metadata tool, DNS tools, WHOIS, and more
  • Network Scanning: overview, methodology, port discovery, stealth idle scanning, vulnerability scanning, and network mapping
  • Network technologies: SNMP, NetBios, LDAP, NTP, SMTP, proxy services
  • Password cracking: overview, concepts, MITM and sniffing, with demonstration in the lab
  • Malware: spyware, buffer overflow, trojans, viruses, detection, analysis, remedies
  • Web application security: OWASP, SQL injection, man-in-the-middle, session hijacking
  • Cloud computing security, mobile security, Wi-Fi security, and other special topics

Who Should Take White Hat Hacking v10 Training?

This White Hat training is considered expert-level security training, which means it was designed for experienced security professionals. This White Hat Hacking v10 course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with pen testing as well as experienced security professionals looking to validate their security skills.

New or aspiring security professionals. Network security professionals are in high demand these days. Those who are skilled in penetration testing can command a respectable income. Even those with no experience in ethical hacking techniques will gain a lot from our White Hat Hacking v10 training. It’s a great way to develop or accelerate a career as an IT security specialist.

Experienced security professionals. Penetration testers tend to learn a lot on their own. But there is only so much that you can get by self-study. Even experienced pen testers can pick up valuable new information and skills from our White Hat Hacking v10 course. Our coverage of the latest threats and vulnerabilities will help ethical hackers no matter how long they have been in the business.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Build and Configure your White Hat Hacking Lab

    59 mins7 videos
  • Prerequisite Hacking Knowledge

    27 mins5 videos
  • Footprinting and Reconnaissance Tools

    58 mins8 videos
  • Network Scanning

    39 mins5 videos
  • Find Vulnerabilities

    1 hr 58 mins8 videos
  • Gain More Information with Enumeration Tools

    54 mins8 videos
  • Hack Passwords and Systems

    1 hr 49 mins12 videos
  • Understand Common Malware Types

    1 hr 50 mins10 videos
  • Network Sniffing Tools

    41 mins4 videos
  • Understand Social Engineering

    13 mins3 videos
  • Common Types of Cyber Attacks

    2 hrs 39 mins14 videos
  • Understand Wireless Technologies for Hacking Purposes

    1 hr 57 mins7 videos
  • Hack Wireless Technologies

    1 hr 39 mins7 videos
  • Hack Mobile and Cloud Technologies

    1 hr 1 min9 videos
  • Understand Encryption

    17 mins3 videos
  • Secure your Information and Systems

    1 hr 3 mins13 videos
  • Tips and Tools when Pen Testing

    46 mins4 videos
  • White Hat Hacking v10 Learning Resources

    Our White Hat Hacking v10 training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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