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Implementing Microsoft 365 Security and Threat Management FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is Microsoft 365 threat protection?

Microsoft 365 Security and Threat Management refers to the suite of tools, technologies and cloud-based solutions that are available to users of the Microsoft 365 enterprise network solution platform. The Microsoft 365 threat protection suite includes specific tools and broad features that defend against cyber threats like malware, phishing and data breaches. There are identity and access management controls, threat intelligence capabilities, and endpoint protections that can fortify organizational defenses.

Is this Microsoft 365 security and threat management course associated with any certifications?

Microsoft offers a few certs related to managing Microsoft 365 security, and this course can help you prepare for many of them. This security and threat management training isn't directly tied to the test objectives for any one exam, though. You might consider the Microsoft Certified: Information Protection and Compliance Administrator Associate or the Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals, depending on where in your career you're at.

What are the pillars of Microsoft 365 integrated security?

It's widely understood that Microsoft 365 integrated security is built on four pillars: identity and access management, information protection, threat protection, and security management. Taken together, these are the skills and technologies that keep an enterprise network safe and secure. They individually ensure user identities are ensured, sensitive data is kept safe, cyber threats are detected and prevented, and that security operations are well-organized and well-executed.

Who should take this course on implementing Microsoft 365 security measures?

Basically anyone who has any responsibility for security of a Microsoft 365 environment should take this course. Learning the tools, techniques and technologies that come pre-loaded with Microsoft 365 is a good idea for IT administrators, network administrators, cybersecurity practitioners and security engineers. Anyone who needs to understand identity protection, threat detection and security management within Microsoft's cloud-based enterprise network will benefit from the hands-on practice of this course.

Is implementing security and threat management solutions a job for entry-level professionals?

If you have absolutely no experience in IT or working with network security measures, then no, implementing security and threat management solutions probably won't be the first job you get. But for entry-level cybersecurity professionals who have a background in Microsoft 365 administration and enterprise network management, jobs that include configuring advanced security settings, analyzing threats and developing strategic threats could be how you get your start in the career.
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