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CompTIA A+ (220-1102) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the CompTIA A+ worth it?

Yes, the A+ is a worthwhile certification – especially for early-career IT professionals, but also for people who already have a few years under their belt. The A+ represents proficiency in installing, configuring and managing hardware, software, and networks – skills that are in high demand across all industries. As a globally recognized entry-level IT cert, A+ is definitely worth it as a strong starting point for a career.

How much does the A+ 220-1102 cost?

The total cost of the A+ certification includes both 220-1102 as well as 220-1101. The 220-1102 costs $246 to attempt and so does the 220-1101. That means the A+ costs a total of $492, since there are no prerequisite courses or certifications to add to that cost. But when calculating the total cost of earning the A+, remember to add the cost of whatever courses and training you take to prepare as well.

How difficult is the 220-1102 certification exam for the A+?

The general consensus is that the A+ certification exams are tough but fair. The A+ is vendor-agnostic, which means it focuses on a great deal of general IT principles and knowledge that spans a lot of different potential challenges and problems – not on specific products or technologies. You'll want to be sure to prepare for that sort of test and not rely solely on any personal experience you might have with one particular vendor.

Does the CompTIA A+ certification expire?

Yes, the A+ does expire – it's good for three years from the date of your exam. CompTIA offers a number of continuing education options to renew the certification. Some of the options available to renew the A+ for an additional 3 years include: training programs, online courses, earning higher CompTIA certifications, or earning at least 20 Continuing Education Units over the course of your A+'s lifespan.

How best to study for the CompTIA A+ exam 220-1102?

The A+ exam 220-1102 tests your familiarity with installing PC components and peripherals, managing system components, navigating network infrastructures and connections, and implementing virtualization while troubleshooting hardware. Find a course of study that explains those skills without relying on a single vendor or manufacturer. But most importantly, take a course that helps you get hands-on practice actually doing them, for instance in a virtual sim or digital sandbox environment.
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