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CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst CySA+ (CS0-003) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the CySA+ (Cybersecurity Analyst) certification from CompTIA worth it?

Yes, the CySA+ is a good certification from a well-respected organization, it's worth it for anyone considering a career in cybersecurity or who wants to validate their first years on the job with a reputable credential in the industry. CompTIA maintains vendor-agnostic certifications, which means that by earning the CySA+, you prove you're able to provide a basic level of cybersecurity for networks, regardless of their hardware and software combinations.

What's the difference between CS0-002 and CS0-003 CompTIA certification exams?

As is their habit, CompTIA retired the previous version of the CySA+ (CS0-002) and replaced it with CS0-003. For the most part, the biggest difference between the two certification exams comes down to keeping the certification up-to-date and relevant with changing conditions in cybersecurity. CompTIA reduced the number of domains from five to four, but increased the technologies and skills tested. There's a greater emphasis on cloud and mobile too.

How long do I need to study for the CySA+

CBT Nuggets published an entire blog post on how long it takes to prepare for the CySA+, but here's a summary: according to a survey of cybersecurity professionals who earned their CySA+, it took two-thirds up to three months to prepare for the exam. One-third of people needed more than three months, and only about a quarter were able to prepare for the exam in less than four weeks.

How much does a CySA+ cybersecurity analyst make?

CBT Nuggets has published several reports on our findings about how much cybersecurity professionals make. In the cybersecurity career, job title matters a lot, as does experience, number of credentials, and – above all – location. The national average salary for a cybersecurity engineer was $150,000 in 2023, and for an information security analyst it was $70,000. Exactly how much a cybersecurity analyst makes is somewhere near that range.

Who should take this CySA+ certification exam course?

This cybersecurity analyst course is ideal for anyone who's planning on earning the CySA+ from CompTIA, since it prepares you for the exam in its entirety. However, since CompTIA's certifications are vendor agnostic and their cert exams are highly practical, this course is excellent for anyone who wants to start a career in cybersecurity or who needs to round out their familiarity with the roles and responsibilities of an analyst.
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