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Microsoft Certified: Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty (AZ-140) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty worth it?

Yes, for entry-level and experienced IT professionals alike, the Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty is definitely worth it. It's a great cert for anyone who wants to broaden their roles and responsibilities. From providing remote access to Windows desktops and applications to implementing centralized management and managing security for remote work environments, this course can fill in any gaps in your virtual desktop administration skills before you go for the exam.

How much does the Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty cert cost?

Earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty will cost at least $165. The certification has only one exam, AZ-140: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, and it costs $165 to attempt. The passing score for the AZ-140 is 700 out of a possible 1,000, so you might want to add the cost of training and preparation to the $165, since you have to pay for each attempt.

Is the AZ-140 exam difficult?

Most people report that the AZ-140 isn't especially difficult as long as you have hands-on and direct experience with managing and administering Azure Virtual Desktop, and the content of some other Microsoft exams, like AZ-104, have a lot of cross-over. But remember that Microsoft certification exams aren't only interested in your administration skills, they especially want to make sure you know the "by the book" answer to technical challenges according to Microsoft's best practices.

Does the Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty cert expire?

Yes, the Azure Virtual Desktop cert is good for one year. In June 2021, Microsoft changed their certification expiration policy – all their certs expire after one year. One year expiration is uncommonly short in the IT certification world, but the trade-off is that Microsoft offers free renewal exams for each cert. These free exams cover the updates and changes to the technology and related positions over the intervening year.

Is the Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty cert good for beginners?

While the Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty is a good entry-level certification, it's not ideal for administrators with no experience or training at all. Before specializing in Azure Virtual Desktop, consider passing AZ-900 and earning the Azure Fundamentals, or the AZ-104 and earning Azure Administrator Associate. That said, this course's virtual labs and hands-on training can replace work experience if you feel ready for a challenge and want the Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty.
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