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Azure SQL Essentials FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Azure SQL Essentials training?

With this Azure SQL Essentials course, you'll learn how to use the intelligent products Microsoft developed specially for their SQL Server database engine in the cloud. The Azure cloud has tools, apps and fully managed products that make your life as a developer or administrator much, much easier. This Azure SQL Essentials course doesn't just explain them, it prepares you with first-hand experience and familiarity.

Why should you take this Azure SQL Essentials training?

If you develop cloud-facing applications, support their development, or manage workloads in the cloud, you should take this Azure SQL Essentials course. This SQL Essentials training gives you first-hand experience with the family of managed, intelligent products available in Azure SQL – all of which make development, management and scaling fast and easy. Take this course and make full use of the Azure cloud in your development or administration.

Is this course associated with a certification?

No, this course on Azure SQL Essentials isn't tied to any certification and it's not designed to prepare you for any particular one. But that doesn't mean there aren't certs or exams you won't find easier after it. For example, the DP-300 (to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate) has sections on its exam – like monitoring resources or automating tasks – that become much easier when you're comfortable with the Azure cloud.

Is Azure SQL different from SQL Server?

Yes, Azure SQL is different from SQL Server – and Azure SQL isn't just the cloud-enabled version of SQL Server. The primary difference is that in SQL Server, only your databases reside on the server, but SQL Server is multitenant and shares physical resources with multiple clients. As far as configuration and management are concerned, the differences are very subtle – a course like this Azure SQL Essentials can bring a SQL Server administrator quickly up to speed.

Who should take this Azure SQL Essentials course?

Anyone who uses SQL on a regular basis should be considering this Azure SQL Essentials course. The prime audience for this training are app developers and cloud or database administrators – since they're the people who'll be getting their hands dirty most often with SQL Server instances. Software developers will learn how to produce apps more efficiently, while cloud or database administrators can learn how to manage warehouses and models to optimize throughput.
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