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Azure Subscriptions and Resources Online Training


Chuck Keith


Azure Subscriptions and Resources Online Training

In this intermediate Microsoft skills training, Chuck Keith covers the subscriptions and resources objectives in the AZ-103 exam, which is the one exam required to earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification.

The Azure pay-per-usage model is great when everything is working as expected, but can cause some surprises when things go wrong. There are plenty of stories out there about turning on a service and forgetting about it until the bill comes. Luckily, Azure has plenty of controls to manage your resources. This Azure Subscriptions and Resources training covers how to avoid those costly scenarios.

After completing this Azure Subscriptions and Resources training, you'll know how to manage resource groups with the Azure Portal, Azure CLI, and PowerShell. You’ll also learn how to create, delete, and lock resource groups, move a resource to a new resource group or a new subscription, and how to tag all resources in a resource group with the tags of that resource group.

For supervisors, this Microsoft training can be used for AZ-103 exam prep, in on-boarding new systems administrators, as a Microsoft reference resource, or it can be curated into individual or team training plans.

Azure Subscriptions and Resources: What You Need to Know

This Azure Subscriptions and Resources training covers topics including:

  • Assigning administrator permissions
  • Configuring cost center quotas
  • Understanding what resource groups are and how to manage them
  • Using Azure tools and resources to analyze metrics and process results
  • Handling a resource group’s policies, locks, and resources
  • Managing role-based access controls throughout an enterprise

Who Should Take Azure Subscriptions and Resources Training?

This Azure Subscriptions and Resources training is considered administrator-level Microsoft training, which means it was designed for systems administrators. This subscriptions and resources skills course is designed for systems administrators with three to five years of experience with Azure services.

New or aspiring systems administrators. You shouldn’t feel bad if the details of managing access to, quotas in and costs related to Azure resources seem intimidating. The intricacies of user controls and access are complicated and nuanced. Fortunately for new systems administrators, this Azure Subscriptions and Resources course -- apart from helping you earn your Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification -- trains a system administrator in everything about accesses with Azure resources, from users to data usage analysis.

Experienced systems administrators. Systems administrators with several years of experience will already know the importance of maintaining appropriate administrator permissions and role-based access controls. This Azure Subscriptions and Resources training ensures your total mastery of every aspect of user accesses within Azure systems, and it contributes to the tests necessary for the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Manage Azure Subscriptions

    Intermediate 59 mins8 videos
  • Analyze Resource Utilization and Consumption with Azure

    Intermediate1 hr 38 mins17 videos
  • Manage Resource Groups with Azure

    Intermediate 42 mins5 videos
  • Azure Subscriptions and Resources Learning Resources

    This Azure services training includes videos, in-video quizzes, and a complete Kaplan IT Azure services practice test.

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