Introducing Azure Hybrid Name Resolution

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Azure Training for Hybrid Environments: Networking Solutions FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Windows Server hybrid administrator training?

This course covers the basic skills and knowledge a server administrator needs to know to be proficient with configuring and managing Windows Server hybrid workloads. There are advanced protocols, policies and configurations to understand when you're responsible for administering Windows Server in a hybrid environment, and this course prepares you for them.

Who should take this Windows Server hybrid networking solutions course?

Server administrators should take this course on hybrid networking solutions, and so should cloud administrators. Even non-technical professionals who simply have a decision-making responsibility in migrating operations to the cloud can take this course and benefit from understanding what opportunities await organizations that take advantage of Windows Server in a hybrid network.

Is this training in Windows Server hybrid administration associated with any certifications?

Not directly, no. There are Windows Server administration certifications that you'll find much easier after taking this course, but if you plan on earning a Microsoft administrator associate certification, there are courses which CBT Nuggets has developed to prepare learners for the entire certification – you should find those and take them.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Windows Server hybrid networking solutions?

After taking this course on implementing networking solutions in hybrid Azure environments, you should consider earning the Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate. Microsoft maintains the Hybrid Administrator Associate for anyone who configures and manages Windows Server in on-prem, hybrid and IaaS platforms, so it's a larger certification than this course alone will prepare you for.

Why should you take this Windows Server hybrid administration training?

You should take this course in administering hybrid Windows Server environments because it's a tricky environment to work in. You might think you're familiar with DNS, DHCP, IPAM or VPN deployment, but there are subtleties to managing and configuring them in a hybrid Azure environment. Learning them will make you more valuable and capable.
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