Assessing Azure Migrate Results

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Azure Migration FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What's the underlying technology in this Azure Migration training?

The underlying technology covered by this training is Microsoft Azure, but specifically it covers how to migrate Azure servers and databases safely. Migrating Azure resources can be excruciatingly stressful, but this training shows you all tools Microsoft Azure has for making an Azure migration easier -- Azure Migrate, Azure Site Recovery (ASR) and P2V to name a few. This training also covers multi-factor authentication and security throughout the migration process.

Is the AZ-103 exam retired?

Yes, Exam AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator is now retired. Microsoft retired AZ-103 in August 2020 and replaced it with AZ-104. This Azure Migration training was originally developed to prepare learners for AZ-103 exam objectives specifically related to backups, exports and migration. Although AZ-104 is the replacement for AZ-103, the AZ-104 exam's content and structure is notably different from AZ-103.

Is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate still valid?

Yes, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate is still a valid certification. The certifying exam for the Azure Administrator Associate used to be AZ-103, but it has been retired and replaced with AZ-104. In addition to familiarizing learners with planning, preparing and executing migrations within Azure, this training also helped prepare learners to take AZ-103. While it doesn't map as directly to AZ-104, the migration information is still valid and useful.

Is this Azure Migration training still valuable?

Yes, although the exam this training originally applied to has been replaced, this Azure Migration training is still valuable. All our training focuses on actually doing what you're learning rather than memorizing random facts to pass a test. This Azure Migration training is no different -- even if the test has changed, you'll understand how to safely migrate servers and databases within Microsoft Azure after taking this course.

Is it difficult to migrate data in Azure?

Yes, data migration within Microsoft Azure can be difficult and complicated. For one thing, there are many different combinations of where you're migrating from and where you're migrating to. Maybe you're preparing to migrate a virtual machine to the cloud, or maybe you're moving data between databases in different regions. Also, there are multi-factor authentication, security, and RBAC complications you should always consider too.
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