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Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate (AZ-700) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate worth it?

Yes, if you work with Microsoft Azure networks in an administrator role, the Azure Network Engineer Associate is a worthwhile credential. Earning it proves your familiarity with core Azure network infrastructure fundamentals, hybrid connectivity specialization and application delivery services. If you want a career working with networks powered by Microsoft Azure, the Azure Network Engineer Associate is an excellent first step to solidify your knowledge and showcase your skills.

How much does it cost to earn the Azure Network Engineer Associate?

The Azure Network Engineer Associate certification costs $165. The only requirement for earning the credential is that you pass Exam AZ-700: Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions. Apart from AZ-700, the certification has no other exams or fees. There are also no prerequisites, so apart from the cost of training and exam prep, it won't cost you more than $165 to earn it, as long as you can pass the test on your first attempt.

How difficult is the Azure Network Engineer exam (AZ-700)?

It's hard to say exactly how difficult an exam is since experience and prior knowledge make it different for everyone, but AZ-700 definitely doesn't have a reputation as a cake walk. Most people find the AZ-700 certifying exam challenging because of its emphasis on official Microsoft best practices for designing, implementing and managing Azure services, resources and core network infrastructure. Passing AZ-700 isn't just about doing it, it's about doing it by the book.

Does the Azure Network Engineer Associate expire?

Yes, like all of Microsoft's role-based credentials, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate is good for one year from the date you earn it. That's not much time, but fortunately, Microsoft makes renewing their certifications very easy. You can take a renewal certification exam for free that covers updates to the technology and tools and maintain your Azure Network Engineer Associate cert for free.

Is the Azure Network Engineer Associate and AZ-700 good for beginners?

Most brand new network administrators would probably find it pretty challenging to earn the Azure Network Engineer Associate with no previous work experience. However, this course is a good place for beginners to the career field to begin their professional development because it highlights industry standards as well as Microsoft best practices for detailed, nuanced aspects of hybrid cloud administration.
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