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How to Work with Threat Indicators with Microsoft Sentinel FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this threat intelligence and network security training?

You'll learn how to take all the information that your network generates and analyze it to uncover meaningful threat intelligence that you can actually use to keep your network safer. This course covers how to keep your network safe with Microsoft Sentinel and use its built-in tools to identify possible threat activity like phishing, botnets and malware.

Who should take this Microsoft Sentinel threat intelligence analysis course?

This course covers the analysis tools that come with Microsoft Sentinel – the prime audience is network security professionals who work on a Microsoft network. But that doesn't mean that only IT professionals should take this course – non-IT professionals who want to understand threats to their network and what to do about them can take this course, too.

Is this training in Microsoft Sentinel network security tools and services associated with any certifications?

Yes, this course is associated with the Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate, which you can earn by passing the SC-200 exam from Microsoft. You'll be prepared for the sections of the SC-200 that relate to Sentinel after taking this course, but you'll still have more to learn about Microsoft 365 Defender and Defender for Cloud.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in using Microsoft Sentinel?

If what you learn on this course about using Microsoft Sentinel to spot potential threats before they happen is useful to your everyday job, you should consider the Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate. If you're further along in your job or want to focus on bigger responsibilities, consider the Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert.

Why should you take this how to work with threat indicators in Microsoft Sentinel training?

A threat indicator is what you get after combining artifacts of normal network operations (URLs, file hashes, IP addresses) and comparing them to known threat activity in order to detect and protect against threats. You should take this course because threat indicators are one of the more interesting parts of network security and Microsoft Sentinel makes finding them easier.
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