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Implementing Microsoft SQL Server 2016 in Azure FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Why choose SQL Server 2016 in Azure over a newer version?

There are many reasons why an organization might choose SQL Server 2016 in the Azure cloud over a newer version of the software. The most obvious reason is compatibility with legacy systems and applications that were designed with SQL Server 2016. Third-party app compatibility is also a concern, as are upgrade costs and regulatory compliance. This course on SQL 2016 in Azure teaches a contemporary and useful skill.

Is it worth it to learn to implement SQL Server 2016 in Azure?

Yes, learning to implement SQL Server 2016 in Azure can be worth it – if your organization relies on this specific version for its databases or if you encounter systems still utilizing it. This course provides niche skills, but investing in them at the right time in your career could be very beneficial by making you a uniquely talented administrator. More training also exists for later SQL server versions.

Is this implementing SQL Server 2016 in Azure course associated with any certifications?

No, this course on implementing SQL Server 2016 in Azure doesn't prepare you for any one certification. However, what you learn about navigating Azure, deploying SQL Server 2016 instances in the cloud, and managing database workloads are valuable practical skills that could apply to other certs. Microsoft certifications like Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate depend on broad familiarity with administering Azure services and will be easier after a course like this.

What is SQL Server 2016 in Azure even used for?

Azure is Microsoft's cloud service and SQL Server 2016 is used for managing and storing data. Combined together, they provide a reliable and flexible way to store, retrieve, and manage large amounts of structured information in a cloud-based environment. Using them, businesses organize and retrieve information efficiently on a secure and scalable platform. Companies use SQL Server in the cloud to run applications, support websites, and handle critical business data.

Is learning to implement Microsoft SQL Server 2016 in Azure a good skill for a beginner to learn?

Yes, beginners can definitely benefit from learning to implement SQL Server 2016 in the Azure cloud. Azure is one of the world's most prominent cloud platforms: understanding how to deploy SQL Server in this environment equips beginners with a valuable skill set and lays a solid foundation for broader exploration of database management and cloud technologies. This course makes you more capable as well as more capable for future employers.
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