Build Dynamic Web Apps in React

There are plenty of alternatives and competitors to ReactJS, but there's no denying that it's wildly popular and demand for it is only growing. Whether you need a refresher in writing in React, a quick React tutorial, or a full-blown React course, CBT Nuggets has you covered. Learn to code in one of the most intuitive, light-weight languages around.

React is a Great Place for Beginners to Start

React is a robust and powerful language for coding UIs and web applications, but it's also intuitive and approachable. Watch a short React tutorial – see just how easy it is to build a UI that responds to data without refreshing the page. After that, it's a short step to building a whole career out of your React knowledge.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

ReactJS Training Courses for Beginners

For beginner software application developers looking to get started with React in a hurry, CBT Nuggets has the right course for you. Try a crash course with a ReactJS tutorial, or take your time and learn React from start to finish with a React course that covers the entire stack.

Discover Why Developers Love React

Sure, not every developer loves using React – only the ones who know how to use it. If you're skeptical about React, take a React tutorial and see why it's one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Then, take ReactJS training in UI development and build the perfect UI for your web app.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Knowing the React Stack Increases Your Marketability

React is great on its own, but when it gets used alongside the rest of the MERN stack is when it really flies. Take a React tutorial and see just how well the different pieces of the MERN stack work together. React training from CBT Nuggets shows you how to connect to your database, framework and backend quickly and easily. Take a React course with CBT Nuggets and start developing better UIs.

Programmers Who Learn React Code Better

The best thing about React training is that it boosts your understanding of other parts of your code. After just one React tutorial from CBT Nuggets, you'll learn what it's capable of and how it can make your UIs more responsive and less bloated.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Program Better UIs with React Training

The ReactJS library was designed by Facebook to make better, more responsive interfaces that can stay up to date with changing information without refreshing the page. Take one React tutorial and see how much you can accomplish while keeping users on the same page. Then learn React with a full CBT Nuggets course. Become a better programmer with React courses from CBT Nuggets.

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