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CBT Nuggets SharePoint training focuses on SharePoint 2016 fundamentals. This training includes quiz questions embedded in videos, as well as virtual labs for selected videos. Quiz questions help learners stay engaged with videos and retain the information they need to learn SharePoint 2016. Virtual labs provide a sandbox environment for learners to apply Microsoft Sharepoint training to real-world situations — without needing to invest in equipment or use a live SharePoint environment.

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When it comes to collaboration technology, Microsoft has long been at the forefront with products like SharePoint and Office. SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform that’s highly configurable and customizable. Companies use SharePoint in a host of ways, including content management, internal collaboration, business processes, and knowledge bases.

SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, which makes it ideal for organizing information that can be centrally stored, easily shared, and quickly accessed. A wide range of professionals from systems administrators to end users can benefit from SharePoint training.

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