What Windows Server training do you need?

If you work in IT, there’s a good chance you’ll run into many versions of Server in your career. We’ve got it all — from Server 2000 to the latest Server 2019 training.

CBT Nuggets has server certification training as well as hands-on server training for legacy versions.

Windows Server 2022 Training from CBT Nuggets

Now that running Windows Server workloads on Azure is so popular, systems administrators must know more. But sysadmins can take advanced Windows Server training to learn about new features. Use this Windows Server training to learn about new features and earn Windows Server certifications.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Windows Server 2022 Training

Learn to install, configure, and maintain the newest Windows Server version —- Server 2022. Windows Server 2022 is the same steady platform, except its now browser-based. It has a few new features, like Windows Admin Center, System Insights, Storage Migration Service, and Server Core App Compatibility.

Learn AD with Windows Server Training

Active Directory is a significant component of Azure services. If you’re not familiar with AD or Azure AD, you‘ll need to brush up your IT skills with a Windows Server training course.

Using hands-on Windows Server certification training is one of the best ways to learn Active Directory.

Learn Networking on Windows with Server Training

Windows Server training courses can explain how DNS works, how Windows Servers handle DNS, and how DNS and DHCP work together.

If you’re a systems administrator or a network administrator, these Server certification courses will teach you how to accomplish some of the most common networking tasks.

Learn PowerShell with Windows Server Training

PowerShell is a powerful tool. One reason why is because PowerShell can handle data as objects. If you’re not sure why that‘s important, take a Windows Server training course.

Along with PowerShell, Windows Server certification courses teach you what data objects are and why they’re crucial to automating infrastructure services.

Legacy Server Training from CBT Nuggets

For new IT pros, managing older versions of Server can be a mystery. But Windows Server training courses can help demystify the IT days of old.

Advanced Windows Server training courses cover the differences between Server 2012, 2016, and 2019. By using Windows Server certification courses, you can learn about the significant features and changes within each version.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Windows Server 2016 and 2019 Training

Seasoned IT pros shouldn’t have problems managing Server 2016 or Server 2019. But new IT pros may need to level up their knowledge with Windows Server 2016 or 2019 training.

These Windows Server courses cover installation, networking, and identities.

Windows Server 2012 Training

Believe it or not, Server 2012 is still being used. But most Server courses don’t cover that version of Server anymore. Using a Windows Server 2012 training course, you can fill that knowledge gap.

These Server certification courses are a great way to learn features of older versions of Windows Server.

Windows Server 2008 Training

While Windows Server 2008 is no longer supported, some businesses still use it. Luckily, Microsoft has programs to help migrate it to the cloud. But you need to understand Server 2008 prior to migration by using Windows Server 2008 training.

These Windows Server courses can help you manage Server 2008 infrastructure.

Windows Server 2003 Training

Using Windows Server 2003 poses significant security risks. Yet some businesses can’t seem to migrate away from it. Windows Server courses teach IT pros how to manage and secure Server 2003.

Use this Windows Server 2003 online training to help minimize risk or migrate to a newer version of Server.

Windows Server 2000 Training

At this point, only the most seasoned IT pros will understand how to manage and secure Server 2000. For everyone else, there’s Windows Server 2000 training.

These Windows Server courses focus on managing older software versions and are a great way to understand Server 2000 quickly.

All Windows Server Training from CBT Nuggets

Windows Server training from CBT Nuggets is divided into courses and skills. With Windows Server skills training, you’ll find hands-on labs, so you can prepare in a virtual environment. Server courses are associated with either current or retired Microsoft exams and certifications.

Here’s all the Microsoft training from CBT Nuggets.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Windows Server Certification Training from CBT Nuggets

CBT Nuggets has been making Windows Server training since 1999. This list of Server training is ordered from the most recent version to the oldest.

Windows Server Skills Training from CBT Nuggets

If you’re tasked with implementing, managing, or troubleshooting a single component in Windows Server, you don’t need a full Windows Server training course. You simply need to know how to get the job done. And these Windows Server courses do exactly that.

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