Everyone can use a little Windows 10 training.

Everyone knows Windows 10 — or they think they do. Windows 10 is jammed with features that can make life easier for admins and end users alike. CBT Nuggets offers both technical Windows 10 training as well as end user training.

Window 10 Technical Training from CBT Nuggets

Most professionals will encounter Windows 10 at some point in their career, making Windows 10 certification training a great choice for anyone. Windows 10 training courses will teach IT professionals and non-IT professionals the features and capabilities of Windows 10. Whether you want to be a Windows 10 admin or power user, these Windows 10 certification training courses have you covered.

Windows 10 Certification Training

Windows 10 technical training is a necessity for new IT professionals. Because of its popularity, most IT pros will be required to use Windows 10 throughout their career. By takin Windows 10 certification training, you’ll learn how to configure, secure, and manage devices and client applications in an enterprise environment.

Learn PowerShell with Windows 10 Technical Training

PowerShell can help IT professionals automate tedious, time-consuming tasks on Windows machines. However, PowerShell can be complex, which is why you should use Windows 10 training. Windows 10 technical training courses will cover how to use PowerShell in depth and how to leverage PowerShell for automation.

Learn Defender with Windows 10 Technical Training

Windows Defender doesn’t just include anti-virus protection for individual workstations. Defender is now a comprehensive security suite for both Azure cloud services and local workstations. Windows 10 training courses explain the different modes of Defender. Likewise, these Windows 10 technical training courses cover how to configure Defender and deploying it.

Window 10 Training for End Users & Power Users

If you’re a new IT professional who wants to learn Windows 10, you should consider Windows 10 training for end users. These courses are built to familiarize you with features and capabilities you’ll use every day. But if you want to step up your Windows 10 end-user skills — and be considered a power user — there’s training for you as well.

Using Windows 10 for End Users

Windows 10 technical training for end users is a godsend for non-IT professionals who want to feel confident using their work devices. By using these courses you can learn Windows 10 features and capabilities that’ll enhance your work productivity and leave you feeling confident in your day-to-day tasks.

Learn Windows 10 as a Power User

Windows 10 technical training courses don’t just cover end-user skills. They cover advanced features like Windows 10 networking, Active Directory domains, and advanced security techniques. Windows 10 certification training can also help IT professionals feel like a Windows 10 power user.

All Windows 10 Training from CBT Nuggets

Windows 10 training from CBT Nuggets is divided into technical and end-user courses and skills. In the Windows 10 skills training, you’ll find real-world solutions to both technical and end-user challenges. Windows 10 certification courses are associated with Microsoft exams and certifications. Here’s all the Microsoft training from CBT Nuggets.

Windows 10 Certification Training from CBT Nuggets

Newcomers to desktop support are often shocked when they look under the hood at Windows 10. These Windows 10 certification training courses are designed for desktop administrators who regularly work with advanced Windows features.

Windows 10 Skills Training from CBT Nuggets

There’s a lot to know when running an enterprise Windows 10 environment. There’s also a lot to learn as a Windows 10 user. These Windows 10 training courses cover it all.

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