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Exchange is one of the more difficult, but most important, Windows products to master. If you’ve been working with Exchange Server for a while you know it’s susceptible to unique errors and messy complications with interoperability. Email and messaging may seem simple, but there are a lot of moving parts in Exchange Server. This Exchange server covers all the various pieces so you can...

Exchange Skill Courses

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CBT Nuggets Microsoft Exchange Server training includes embedded quiz questions to help systems admins retain the information they need to be successful with Exchange Server. Our Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 course also includes supplemental files designed to help admins effectively learn how to use Exchange Server.

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  • How to Plan Your Microsoft Exchange 2016 Setup

    You know your team made it to the big leagues when you’re considering the nuts and bolts of setting up your own mail server. Here are some insider tips you should know before your deep dive into getting things locked and loaded.

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MicroNugget: How to Troubleshoot Mailbox Database Performance

In this video, Anthony Sequeira covers how to troubleshoot Exchange server mailbox database performance issues. He shows you how to locate past issues through notifications in the Event Viewer. He then shows you how you can use the Performance Monitor for more active monitoring of metrics, and he lists the most important metrics.

Will Microsoft Teams Kill Email? Webinar with Simona Millham

In this video, Simona Millham covers whether Microsoft Teams will kill email. Although we all want to reduce the number of emails in our inboxes, it isn’t clear whether this technology is the answer to that problem. Regardless, leveraging Microsoft Teams effectively can undoubtedly reduce the number of emails you receive on a daily basis.

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