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Microsoft SQL is one of the most popular database systems in the world, and relatively easy to use. A few lines of SQL code and you’ll be querying data effortlessly. Microsoft tools like SQL Server Management Studio (SMSS) or PowerShell even makes managing SQL infrastructure fairly frictionless. However, databases are deceptively complex. They also have lots of moving parts that rely on sound database design, and things can go wrong. That’s why Microsoft SQL training is so important.

Being a good database administrator means knowing how to properly build a database, data lake, or data warehouse, but also how to fix it when it goes down. Database administrators are often also the de facto data analyst in many smaller companies, so that SQL training will come in handy as well. This SQL training covers both sides — the SQL language and SQL Server operations.

With online SQL courses, database professionals can learn to query data, create reports, develop applications, and design data storage — allowing them to fill roles like database administrators and database architects. Additionally, anyone who works with data should know SQL, and Microsoft SQL training covers that, too.


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