Process Messages from Amazon SQS Queues with Python Boto3

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AWS SQS vs SNS: How to Implement Amazon Simple Notification Service & Simple Queueing Service FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Amazon SNS and SQS training?

This course teaches how to set up SNS or SQS services for your network. Different networks need cloud-based messaging services for very different reasons – sometimes to have apps push vital information back and forth, sometimes to notify users of updates or changes. Whatever your reason, being able to implement SNS and SQS can improve network operations drastically.

Who should take this Simple Notification Service and Simple Queuing Service course?

Web developers and app developers are the best audience for this course, but many people in the production chain can benefit from knowing how to implement an SNS or SQS distribution. If you support and develop distributed applications that depend on integration through notifications and automatically pushed messages, this course is for you.

Is this training in Amazon SNS and SQS associated with any certifications?

Not directly, no. This course covers how to implement Amazon's cloud-based messaging web services SNS and SQS. Many of Amazon's certifications test familiarity with the messaging platforms, but none of them are only focused on the ability to implement them. So while this will help with several different AWS certs, only in part.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Simple Notification Service and Simple Queuing Service?

Knowing how to deploy and implement SNS and SQS on your cloud are important skills for anyone pursuing Amazon's Solutions-based or DevOps-related certifications. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional is an advanced certification that tests your familiarity integrating all the services AWS offers, including SNS. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional also includes a section on SNS.

Why should you take this Amazon SNS and SQS training?

You should take this course on how to implement SNS and SQS into your network's operations because the power of pushing instantaneous messages between apps and to users is a simple-sounding capability that actually unlocks huge potential. On top of that, APIs for SQS and SNS are simple, multiple transport protocols are supported, and they're inexpensive.
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