Introduction to Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Python Automation

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Trevor Sullivan
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AWS EBS Tutorial: How to Manage Amazon EBS with Python and PowerShell FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Amazon EBS management training?

You'll learn how to manage the Elastic Block Storage service offered by Amazon with nothing but Python and PowerShell. Rather than get bogged down with interfaces and buttons, this course shows you how to implement and manage your EBS operations with code. With Python and PowerShell, you can manage your EBS efficiently and at scale.

Who should take this managing EBS with Python and PowerShell course?

Database administrators and experienced cloud administrators should take this course on using Python and PowerShell to manage their EBS storage. Anyone who has to get their hands dirty with block-level storage services on a regular basis who takes this course will learn how to multiply and automate their efforts with programming languages.

Is this training in how to manage EBS with Python and Powershell associated with any certifications?

This course isn't directly related to any single AWS certification, but what you'll learn can apply to many. Learning how to automate and manage your storage with PowerShell and Python will help you work toward earning an AWS solutions cert while mastering EBS will get you closer to earning one of AWS' data-focused certs.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in how to use Python and PowerShell to manage EBS?

The right certification for you after this Python and PowerShell course depends on where you'd like to focus your career. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional is good for solutions architects and includes EBS management topics. Meanwhile, the AWS Certified Database - Specialty would be a better cert for a database administrator and includes EBS content.

Why should you take this Amazon EBS Python and PowerShell management training?

You should take this course so that you can automate your workflow, reduce repetition and do more of what's actually fun. Stop manually navigating to the GUI all your cloud storage deployments and updating them with clicks and buttons: manage your Elastic Block Store at a distance with code by taking this Python and PowerShell course.
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