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Automate Container Services in AWS FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this AWS container automation training?

You'll learn how to control the behavior and administration of your AWS containers without ever getting your hands dirty touching any individual one. You'll be scaling clusters upward and downward, pushing repositories and fine-tuning performance without any hands-on administration after this course.

Who should take this training in automating container services in AWS?

Network administrators, database administrators and DevOps engineers are who are going to want this AWS container automation course. Anyone who handles the operation or administration of AWS containers should consider taking this course: it's for you if your job might be improved by knowing how to automate container operations.

Is this course in AWS automation associated with a certification?

No, this AWS container automation course doesn't help prepare you for any particular cert. This course makes sure you know how to automate Docker Engine, deploy Lambda functions and build APIs. You'll be better prepared for certifying exams that cover those topics, but that's not this course's main focus.

What certification should you consider after taking this AWS container automation course?

AWS has only one entry-level certification, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, and you'll be much better prepared for it after taking this training. You won't necessarily be ready to take the exam with only this course, but it'll cover concepts that will show up on that foundational cert's exam.

Why should you take this AWS container automation training?

If any part of your day is spent working on container tasks, you should take this automation training so you can skip all the worst parts. From simple tasks like pulling container images to deploying a network load balancer, your job can be a lot easier with this training.
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