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AWS VPC Training | Amazon Virtual Private Cloud FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and what is it used for?

A virtual private cloud (VPC) is sort of like a fenced-off section of the internet that's set aside for you and your organization. Inside that secure section of the internet, you can run servers, store data and manage any internal resources you want. With a VPC, businesses can create private environments, hosted on a public cloud provider's infrastructure, that still allow for custom network configuration, security settings and access permissions.

What makes an Amazon virtual private cloud (VPC) unique?

The benefits Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) get from being hosted inside a dedicated section within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure are what make them unique. Resting on and being so deeply connected to the AWS backbone, Amazon VPCs have seamless integration with other AWS services. That means they can be built with a scalability few other providers can match, with granular control over network configurations.

What is the default Amazon VPC and what are its advantages?

The default Amazon VPC is globally available and is ready, out of the box, for you to start launching Amazon EC2 instances right away. The default Amazon VPC offers a ready-to-use network environment with predefined configurations so that you can get set up and operating quickly. The default Amazon VPC has immediate access to AWS storage resources like S3 buckets and compute resources like EC2, and basic security settings are applied by default.

Does the AWS VPC have any disadvantages?

The main disadvantage of the AWS VPC is actually closely related to its biggest advantage: namely, its customizability and configuration potential. Amazon has an intimidating number of features and management options. With the right AWS VPC training, that's no problem. But without training, it can be very challenging to make use of the things that make AWS VPCs so attractive, like its interfaces and configurations, or figuring out integrations with third-party tools.

Who should take this Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) training?

This Amazon VPC training is best for cloud administrators or IT professionals who work in IT infrastructure management. That can include Network Administrators, Cloud Administrators, and even Cybersecurity Associates. Developers who work primarily in developing cloud-based applications would benefit, as would anyone whose productivity depends on cloud-based resources and networks. Mostly, this course helps prepare administrators for managing and configuring an AWS VPC, and it's best for technical administrators.
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