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How to Manage AWS EFS with Python and PowerShell FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What does it mean to manage AWS EFS with Python and PowerShell?

AWS EFS is Amazon's Elastic File System – it's essentially a shared drive in the cloud that can scale upward to pretty massive implementations. Python is a programming language and PowerShell is an automation framework. When you combine Python and PowerShell, you can configure, manage and automate AWS Elastic File System. It's possible to programmatically (and automatically) expand storage, modify cloud resources, connect applications with new data sources, and much more.

Who should take this AWS EFS management and automation course?

Writing code that automatically modifies and configures AWS storage is useful for anyone who manages cloud infrastructure, deployment pipelines, and systems in the cloud. Cloud administrators who work with AWS or want to start using AWS more often are the prime audience. DevOps engineers can make more streamlined and efficient pipelines with this course. And systems administrators with resources in the cloud will have a much easier job afterwards.

Is this AWS EFS Python management course associated with any certifications?

No, this AWS EFS automation course wasn't designed with any certifications in mind. This course emphasizes practical ways to improve your cloud network storage usage. If it were certification prep, it'd have to be more focused on word choice and cramming for the exam. There are AWS certifications, like the Solutions Architect Associate, Solutions Architect Professional, and DevOps Engineer which will all be a lot easier after taking this course.

What makes Python and PowerShell particularly useful for managing AWS EFS?

Python and PowerShell are especially good at AWS EFS management for two reasons: their simplicity and powerful software development kits (or SDKs). First, Python is notoriously readable and versatile – it's famously easy to read what a line of code is doing to your EFS instance (for example) and tweak it. Second, both have SDKs that are great for developing scripts that intuitively modify and streamline cloud and file system operations.

Why should you take this managing AWS EFS with Python and PowerShell course?

Taking this course and learning how to manage your AWS EFS instances with Python and PowerShell makes you much more employable with skills in two key areas: cloud administration and automation. To learn enough about AWS to automate it means diving into some of its most complicated and challenging pieces. Then, understanding how to automate system operations and maintenance is a skill that multiples your effectiveness and profitability to a company.
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