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AWS Tutorial: Automating AWS Database Services Tutorial FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is it worth it to learn AWS database automation?

Learning how to automate AWS database services is definitely worth it, especially when you consider the alternative: you could just as easily be the one whose job gets automated away if you're not the one doing the automation. Companies are looking for opportunities to make their databases and data use more efficient, scalable and reliable, and learning how to automate AWS services means you're the one who knows how to provide exactly what companies and networks need.

How much do AWS database certifications cost?

There are a few different AWS certifications with content related to automating database services, but AWS currently offers only one certification for specialized database familiarity: AWS Certified Database - Specialty. Earning it will take more than knowing how to automate database services, but that knowledge will definitely speed you along the way. The AWS Certified Database - Specialty has only one exam, DBS-C01, and it costs $300 to attempt.

How difficult is it to learn AWS database automation?

AWS database service automation isn't especially difficult on its own, but obviously it requires a wide bedrock of familiarity with those AWS database services in the first place. RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, Redshift, and more can all be automated. But in order to learn how to provision, scale, back them up and maintain those services automatically, you first need a thorough understanding of the functionality and purpose of each of those services.

Do certifications for AWS database administration expire?

Yes, all AWS certifications are good for three years before they expire. In order to maintain an active status on your AWS certification, you need to renew it – which you can do by retaking the current version of the exam that corresponds to your certification. AWS doesn't currently accept any other method of continuing education or renewal. If you earn a higher-level certification than one you already hold, the lower level one could qualify for automatic renewal, but each cert is different.

What's the best way to study about automating AWS database services?

Automating AWS database services isn't something you can read about – you need to see it actually being performed. Learning AWS database service automation is Ideally done by watching an expert walk you through every every step of the way, pointing out what they're doing and why. In addition to that, you'll need hands-on experience with the AWS services themselves, preferably in environments that are as close to the real thing as possible.
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