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Entry-Level Skills Online Training


Bart Castle


Entry-Level Skills Online Training

In this entry-level AWS skills training, Bart Castle prepares cloud administrators to learn about basic cloud services and terminology.

AWS isn’t just one thing — it’s a cloud service with hundreds of services that make it easy for you to deploy applications, run tasks, and manage data. But if you’re new to AWS, you don’t need to know everything on the first day. You can get up and running on AWS by knowing just two services: ECS and S3. Follow along with Bart with your AWS Free Tier account and get started learning AWS.

This entry-level cloud training may not map precisely to an AWS exam, rather it’s designed for anyone to go from zero AWS experience to firing up their first EC2 instance. Once you're done with this AWS skills training, you'll know how to plan, run, and support AWS EC2-based workloads, and use S3 virtual storage.

For anyone who manages cloud services training, this AWS training can be used to onboard new cloud administrators, curated into individual or team training plans, or as an AWS reference resource.

Entry-Level Skills: What You Need to Know

This entry-level skills training contains videos that cover topics including:

  • The fundamentals of AWS terminology
  • Deploying and managing EC2 instances
  • Monitoring EC2 instances
  • Load balancing on AWS
  • How to right-size EC2 instances
  • Scaling EC2 deployments

Who Should Take Entry-Level Skills Training?

This entry-level skills training is considered administrator-level AWS training, which means it was designed for cloud administrators. This basic cloud services and terminology skills course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with cloud services and experienced cloud administrators looking to validate their AWS skills.

New or aspiring cloud administrators. Getting started with cloud administration requires foundational knowledge of terminology, technology, and best practices. This entry-level skills training covers the terminology and basic skills required to work with AWS resources in production environments. All of which is to say it’s an excellent starting point for aspiring cloud administrators interested in working with AWS infrastructure.

Experienced cloud administrators. AWS is the leading public cloud infrastructure platform and many enterprises run critical infrastructure in the AWS cloud. As a result, cloud administrators who are capable of monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting AWS technologies are in demand. This entry-level skills training covers the terminology and fundamentals needed to get started managing AWS resources in production environments.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Support AWS EC2-Based Workloads

    Entry 30 mins7 videos
  • Plan for and Run Amazon EC2 Instances

    Entry 38 mins9 videos
  • Manage Access to AWS Resources

    Intermediate1 hr 16 mins9 videos
  • Plan for VPC Network Traffic

    Entry 37 mins7 videos
  • Design for Web-Scale Application Patterns

    Entry 35 mins6 videos
  • Entry-Level Skills Learning Resources

    This cloud services training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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